Your RuneScape Account And Credit Card Could Be At Risk (OSRS)

If you haven't already seen Mod Jed was removed from the Jagex team this morning This is the second J-Mod to be removed from the team for misuse of moderator privileges However, this time Jagex says we are actively working with the police regarding the incident, but given this is an ongoing legal matter We are unable to provide you for other details Although what I'm about to speak about is mostly just theories if you value your runescape and other online account security, please watch this video So first of all, what does Jagex said officially about the dismissal of mod jed in their official news posts They stated "following our investigation We were able to resolve the issue before any significant impact was made to the wider game or economy" We have also taken steps to return items and GP to any affected accounts Well, we generally do not return items or gold we feel that given this unusual situation We wanted to ensure no players lost out to the rogue actions of a member of our staff So what exactly does this mean? Well, let's take it back a few months to this reddit post No one wants to hear it But there is a serious data breach around some well trusted source of data in runescape be it OS buddy RuneLite or Jagex Possible link to IP leaks on DeadMan as well

This is where things get to be very scary So this post from two months ago details how a player lost 45 billion in GP and really doesn't know why This is not an unusual post when it comes to reddit things like this pop up frequently But this is an exception They had a bank pin That was somehow bypassed Gmail with two-factor authentication and location history enabled use multiple antivirus scans on their PC and found nothing had the recovery questions as Random words and numbers that he has never written down anywhere and just so much more to protect the account This is why it was very alarming when they went to contact Jagex and they said whoever Recovered This account did it from the same place? The account was created with strong details such as his recovery questions old passwords and even his credit card details Who do you actually blame for this? How can an account this secure been hacked at? The time OS buddy was accused by the community It couldn't have been OS buddy though, because his virus scans would have picked up something strange Essentially this led the player to accuse Jagex and was laughed at by the community for it today He was sent this message basically saying the moderator who was terminated stole his items and wealth and they will be returned to him This actually happened on a much wider scale than one player if you look on Twitter or reddit There are literally dozens maybe even hundreds of people coming forward with screenshots showing that their items and gold are being returned But this is really just the surface Let's dig a little bit deeper because it doesn't stop there ModJed was part of the PvP clan and reign of terror for a very long time his clan was frequently accused of ddossing other players and cheating their way to the top to win the $10,000 prize in multiple Deadman mode tournaments, although Jed's said he left ROT a few months ago He supposedly didn't and continued his membership under an alias Anyway, when a rival clan called frontline was ddosed Mod Jed was present This was discovered when his Geass was hacked There was a gif of him standing with rot with his connection information open

Now, why would he have this open? Supposedly every member of ROT was told to open their connection info so they could see if they were getting DDoS'd back This proves for a fact that Jed knew rot was going to DDoS FrontLine and did nothing to stop it Now in theory what if he didn't just know that FrontLine was going to get ddosed What if he was the one doing the DDoS thing? Well, that could actually be the case there is another gif of him standing in the duel arena watching his friends stake his cursor moves off the screen and Suddenly the whole world disconnects FrontLine has accused Jed of moving his cursor off screen because he had to go disconnect the world It's a lot deeper than just ddossing though frontline and members of Reddit have found that Jed also had a database full of runescape player accounts a connection to a Doxing of a previous member and So much more now assuming Jed had access to every player's account information and he's accused of ddossing at the duel arena it's not too much of a stretch to think that the account information was used to obtain players IP'S and DDOS them during the Deadman mode tournaments in order for rot to win I'll link a video down below by frontline that includes this evidence and all the other accused corruption All of this so far is Extremely scary, but it could be even worse as I mentioned earlier The police are involved So sure the ddossing is considered illegal, and that's probably part of it But I mentioned earlier when the player who lost 45 bill has account stolen Jagex told him that the account was recovered with credit card details Now this next part is mostly just theories from reddit But if true we have potentially the biggest data breach ever in runescape history When that player had his forty five billion stolen another J mod by the name of mod Kelvin responded in the comments of the reddit thread saying whoever recovered the account had credit card info and Transaction IDs as well as it does look like you've had a serious amount of information compromised Mod Jed was only a junior content developer and potentially had access to everyone's credit card information as well as account information It's possible He only had partial information specifically when it comes to credit cards but even that is extremely serious if any of this information was passed off to other people they could continue stealing accounts making Thousands maybe even millions of real-world dollars Keep in mind a huge chunk of this video is just theories But if true jagex needs a serious security overhaul and fast