YNAB and Credit Cards

hi everyone its Lauren and I am going to be showing you how I log credit card transactions into YNAB side note I'm so excited that it's November it's by far my favorite month of the year I absolutely love Thanksgiving I feel like it's all of the fun that you get with family and everything but we don't have to worry about gift-giving which can be stressful so I just really enjoy it and everyone is just super happy around the holiday season I've had to like tell my boyfriend that I'll wait and not listen to Christmas music right away because usually November 1st I'm like on it and already listening to jingle bells so today again we're going to be looking at credit cards in the YNAB system I feel like there's a lot of different ways to do this and I'm just gonna show you my way I did want to let you guys know that I manually put in every transaction into YNAB versus importing transactions from my bank and connecting my accounts the accounts are connected but it's just for me a hassle to always have to like re sign in and have to connect and all of that and so I would rather manually put in everything it also forces me to always be checking YNAB to put in the account or to put in the transactions and then I can always see what's my available balances in every single category so I feel like it does keep me more connected to my budget versus if it was taken care of for me so we're gonna head over and checking so you can see all of my transactions and basically I handle credit card transactions the exact same way that I handle any debit or cash transactions the only difference is that when I logged them into the system I will put paid on CC and then I don't clear that balance and so I know that I still have to make that payment on the credit card now I'm lucky I don't have a credit card balance so I pay off everything in full and I will usually make a couple of different payments through out the month just when a few kind of pileup and so that's what I do it's very simple very easy and then once I make a payment on my credit card even before it's cleared I will immediately mark it as cleared that way I know that I made that payment just because there's always that delay in the money transfer from the checking account to your credit card and vice versa it can take a while and I don't want to forget that I made that payment so that's just how I do it again you can do whatever way you want and you don't have to do it this way at all so I really do love this memo feature in YNAB lets me just keep traffic and paid on CC is something that I really like to do there was one time where I had to stop and pick up something for my mom and so I put it on you know my credit card but I said for Mom so I knew exactly what that was for and I also use it for like extra student loan payments or money for an engagement ring because my boyfriend and I recently got engaged and we split the cost which was really great so that is again how I manage credit cards in YNAB if you had a payment like a monthly payment that you are working towards and trying to you know get rid of then I would possibly keep that as a completely separate category or create like a debt category in your budget that way in your reports when you go to spending you can see exactly how much you spent on that credit card which I think was always a real eye-opener versus I'm just making regular payments and not realizing how much money I'm spending so that is how I would do it I do also want to give a shout-out to my age of money here I just got it up to past 60 days which is really exciting I still feel like I'm only about 6 weeks ahead of my bills but it's really nice to see that larger number getting you know populated and all of that if you do have any questions on how I use YNAB or specifically how I use credit cards in YNAB please leave a comment and I will happily respond I hope you guys have a great day and thank you so much for watching