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(upbeat rock music) – [Hailie] I'm Hailie Deegan I drive for Bill McAnally Racing

– [Jenna] I'm Jenna Fryer I'm the national writer with the Associated Press – [Christy] My name is Christy Judge, and I am the supervisor of replay operations and assistant chief scorer – My day consists of just 100% into my racing I go to the gym in the morning, and then I usually will go to the track, whether it's my backyard racetrack, the go-kart track, a stock car, my off-road truck

Whatever I can get in, I drive I really grew up in a racing family – Deegan family is in effect – It always has been my thing to go drive, ride, whether it was dirt bikes, my low Polaris RZR, whatever I could really do to just have fun It was fun for me

I was a little kid – [Announcer] No young lady has ever been in victory lane for the K&N Pro Series I think we need more of that – Being able to win that race, it really just gave me a fresh breath of air I went from being one of the highest-finishing girls, I was getting second

I was always like, "There's one more spot that someone else can take over, that I want to be the person who takes over that spot" I roughed a couple of people up And I think that they have to accept that I'm not going to give them any mercy because I'm a 17-year-old girl I think they have to see that you have to be aggressive You have to show them, "I'm here to win

I'm not here to do anything else You guys have to see that I'm here to win, and I will be aggressive and do what it takes to win" – Being a reporter and covering auto racing specifically, you never know what each day's going to bring Monday could bring nothing, or Monday could bring the biggest story of the year, you just don't know But then once you get into the weekend, and once the teams sort of pick up and move to the racetrack, then it gets busy and consistent

Running all over the place, press conferences, practices It's a lot I always wanted to be a writer, and I happen to be a sports fan on top of it I grew up outside of New York City, in the suburbs of New Jersey And I loved the New York teams, I loved journalism, I loved getting the newspapers, and I loved to write

And so I figured that that was a good way to sort of combine both – This is the start of my 16th season with NASCAR, and before that I was with ARCA So I've been in the industry probably for 23 years I could either be sitting in a replay seat going through all of our video productions that we do during the racing events and showing replays to race control, have them make decisions, or I could be scoring There's a local track where I live called Flat Rock Speedway

And one of the kids I went to high school with, his dad was the chief scorer out there So he said, "Hey, my dad needs some help" I said, "Eh, I'll give it a try" So out I went, enjoyed it, and then eventually I went with the ARCA series, and then we had enough conjunction events with NASCAR that I kind of got my foot in the door with them, because I figured racing's getting in the way of my real job, so I've got to figure out a way to make racing my real job – I never looked at it from a gender thing

I was confident in what I knew about sports, that I was comfortable enough to hold my own You have to have the confidence to say, "There's Kyle Busch, and I want to ask him a question," and you have to have the confidence to just go up and do it He may not stop, and he may not give you an answer, but that's not really your problem It's not your problem what they say or don't say All your job is, is to try to get them to say something

And if they don't, then that's what you report They didn't say anything Just keep trying, and keep digging and do not be afraid, and do not back down – When I first came in, there weren't hardly any women in the garage at that point You would get comments from the guys in the garage, you know, you didn't know what you were doing, you had no idea what you were looking for, or how can you be here

You put it in the back of your mind, and keep your head down and do your job, and prove to them that you do know what you're doing and go forward People are hopefully starting to look at us as just another human being and not, "Oh it's a man versus a woman" It's, "They can do the job and they're very capable" – My favorite part of being in the industry of NASCAR is, especially being a girl in the industry, is there's a lot of barriers that haven't been broken, that give you the opportunity to be broken I want to be that girl

I want to be the face of the girls coming up I want to be the one who's going to do everything in her power to be the best driver Not the best girl, the best driver over everyone But even though people always say, "Don't put 'female', she's just another racer" type thing, I'm like, "Yes, I am another racer I'm out here winning just like everyone else is

" But all these guys are working towards something someone else has already done You figure, everyone's going up there like, "I'm trying to be the next so-and-so I'm trying to be the next 'this guy' who won so many championships" I'm trying to be the first I'm trying to be the first to do something that no one else has done

I want to be the one with my name at the top (cheering) (rock music)