What Is Considered An Average Credit Score?

Credit scoring is a very popular topic of conversation these days. Most people who have any sort of assets, ie house, nice car or a good job will know their credit score. But not everyone knows what is a good score, what is a bad score or even what is considered an average credit score. All that most people know is that they would like to improve their score. After all a good credit score is very important if you want to apply for most financial products, from car loans to mortgages. So it is very important to both know what your credit score is and to try ands get it as high as possible. Also if your score is higher, then you are not only likely to get approved more easily, you are also likely to get the most favorable interest rates. The companies are usually keen to get those with a good credit rating as their customers as they like to have good, customers with a solid credit history.

Credit scores do vary broadly and range from a rather disappointing 320 to very healthy (and probably happy) 900. Most people generally fall in the mid range between these 2 figures. These figures vary a great deal depending on which state you live in. What is considered a good credit score in some states is a great deal different from some other states. With the richer states like California having a much higher score than many of the poorer states.

Although what is considered an average credit score is around 678, around 20% of the populations are below 620. Anywhere around the 670's is generally considered to be a reasonable score by many lenders. There are also a good number, again around 20%, who are in the very highest bracket, having scores of over 780. Though if they actually need to worry about their credit scores is another story!

But with there being such a regional variation what is considered an average credit score in some states may well not be so useful in others. But it is important for your finances to make sure that you get your score as high as you reasonably can. That way you will not only stand a much better chance of being accepted for the loan or credit card that you are applying for, but you will get the best offers that the lenders have.

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