What impact will credit card debt have in collections?

What impact will credit card debt have in collections? Today delinquency rates are at are about 2 and a half percent If you increase that delinquency rate by half a percent, you’re talking about tens of millions of dollars rolling delinquent over and above what’s happening today

So now is the time to have the most updated contact information for your consumers whether they are delinquent today or not As long as you have the best contact information for them on the day that they fall delinquent so that you know that you can contact them, setup payment arrangements, setup re-payment plans because at the end it’s all about efficiency It’s all about making contact with that delinquent consumer as quickly as you possibly can With the potential for increased delinquencies, we can help provide the most updated and complete contact information for these consumers We have products such as contact plus which will provide the best addresses the best phone numbers

We have other products both online and batch where we can provide data hygiene and clean your portfolio to update the information that you have Contact us to learn more about our collections and recovery solutions