What Does it Mean When Someone Seems Too Good to Be True

The world today is filled with scammers and con-artists. Free online dating sites often have more than everyday settings and other online locations. The anonymity factor is one reason for this. Another reason is free sites are as attractive to con-artists as they are to people seeking legitimate dating experiences. The old saying "If something looks so good to be true, it probably is," is an accurate way to look at people you see or meet on free online dating sites.

The person who presents himself as being as near to perfect as humanly possible is one example. He presents himself as being far above average, either in his profile, during communications with you, or both. Everything from his physical appearance to his wide range of personal possessions to his salary is apparently more and better than everyone else. He may also claim to have had an ideal, trouble-free life. In doing this, he is trying to attract the interest of every single of the opposite gender, in the categories he specifies. After all, how could anyone resist someone who is one hundred percent perfect in every way?

Although this cliché description of a con-artist is accurate for many you will find on your free online dating sites, there are others who are equally valid. The main point to keep in mind is a con-artist will present himself in the manner he believes will be best received by the type of person he is seeking. It is for this reason that not all scammers present themselves as the ideal catch.

Con-artists with sob-stories are also in the category of scammers. Many seek to exploit single women who have maternal instincts or rescue fantasies by presenting themselves as helpless and needy. Others present themselves as very troubled persons who have never had a decent break in life. You may be surprised at how many singles fall for these tactics. Needy or perpetually-wronged individuals are precisely what they fall for. The results can be as deadly as the con-artist who appears perfect.

All normal human animals have flaws. All normal human beasts are unique, with their own individual personalities and backgrounds. If you read a profile or meet someone who looks like a dream come true, you could be walking into a nightmare.

Source by Mary Stanhope

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