Video Breakdown: Convenience Store Escape – Tosh.0

Officer going down! Requesting everyone give him and the perp some alone time in this week's Breakdown [ Applause ] ♪♪ Welcome to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada — the Great White Trash North

Home of Prime Minister Josh Groban [ Laughter ] These two canuck-leheads got caught using a stolen credit card Isn't everything already free up there? I'm not sure how Canada works It takes a ride-or-die chick to mount a Mountie so her boyfriend can make a run for it Now he's violating the store's no shirt policy

Dead end! Keeping that door locked is a fire hazard He could sue There you go You're gonna try to bribe the cop with sunflower seeds This might work

They're very addicting [ Laughter ] I can't hear what he's saying, but he's a Canadian officer, so I assume he's apologizing Oh, the Taser only made him stronger I'm starting to understand why American cops just shoot to kill All right, let's check back in on the tits of the operation

Hey! Bathrooms are for paying customers only Women can't go anywhere without stopping to pee Any chance you can hold your driver's license up to the camera, you idiot? [ Laughter ] [ Laughter ] We may have a skank infestation in the attic Her escape plans fell through Bet she wishes she landed on a softer aisle

I guess backup takes a little longer when your squad car is a moose They got the maximum sentence — 6 months in Winnipeg [ Laughs ] That's a local burn I'm kidding It's just a 2 minute minor, and for that, we thank you