Updating your credit card — Webflow tutorial

Behold A CG mockup of Vlad's credit card, with the actual number censored for obvious reasons

But let's imagine, for some reason, his card number was leaked on the internet A call to Chase, three transfers, and a deep-background ID check result in a replacement card How do we update that card in Webflow? In this video, we'll update that card in Webflow So we'll start in the Dashboard If you're in the Designer, you can access this right from your project

In the Dashboard, you'll see Account on the top-right All we have to do is head over to Account Settings And here's what we're looking for Billing Right here on that page? Active card This is where we can update our card info

We’ll update the card with all the new information, and hope that no one on the internet ever gets access to THIS version of Vlad's card number Just go and save All done A few things to note: (1) Yes, we support Diners Club (2) If the card you’re updating is also used in a team plan, you can update that in the team billing settings

And (3) let's say you have a bunch of client sites with Webflow Hosting Keep in mind, the card you associate with your individual account plan will be used for all those site plans If you want to bill clients directly, check out Client Billing If you haven't heard of Client Billing, check out Client Billing It's basically magic

If you have any questions, or if any part of this isn't working as expected, please feel free to reach out to our team But that's updating your payment information in Webflow