U.S. Bank Business Leverage: a new kind of business credit card. Apply now!

And what frustrates you right now with your current business credit card? You almost need three cards to properly get all the rewards you want Yeah

There's fluctuation for categories and how I spend throughout the year, but want all of those purchases to count the same way I don't want to spend any time trying to decide what to get points on or what card to use in any given situation Less rules Yes And now's the fun part

If you had a magic wand, what would you want in your business credit card? So for me travel is the most important I want a card that earns the most points Cards have to be flexible in order to meet the needs of a lot of different types of small businesses Yeah, I'll be buying from vendors, but the next month I might be buying home improvement The next month I might be buying computers

That kind of flexibility is absolutely something that would be very invaluable to us All right All three groups had automatic rewards categories And you also had flexible cash back or points All of you in your ideal business credit card simply want more rewards and less rules