Token: Shopping With Virtual Cards Explained

This is Ethan he loves the convenience of shopping online He just bought Max's favorite Lego set Hold it! Something's not right there are additional purchases being made on Ethan's card

Turns out he is a victim of payment fraud Let's go back and see where it went wrong Ethan's card details were stolen from the merchant site while he was making the purchase Chance of this happening is far higher than you think, making the threat of a data breach a very real possibility 179 million records were exposed in the US last year Ethan quickly realizes his mistake

Shopping at different stores online with the same credit card number is NOT SMART He shouldn't be trusting his bank to protect his money for him How do you protect your data from falling into the wrong hands? Take charge of all your payments Token is the first payment solution that has been designed to give you the consumer the best of both worlds The convenience of making purchases with a credit card and the control, privacy, and peace of mind you get with cash You can now pay for anything anywhere without ever having to give away your actual card details EVER! Your credit card stays secure in your wallet while you share virtual cards to make purchases on-the-go

Each token is locked to the store it is first used at – a card nobody else can use, a card you can freeze and unfreeze at the touch of a button on your mobile phone Token is a payment security company so your security will always be our primary concern Our advanced security measures and high-end encryption ensures that your card details can never be accessed by anyone else It's free! Sign up in less than five minutes and start using tokens to buy anything, anywhere, anytime