The world’s first miaowing debit card | ANNA Money | 60

Ok Isabella, let’s hear some miaows I’m Tim Webb and today we are trying to find the perfect miaow for our contactless debit card

This is no easy task, we’re having to audition over 300 cats No Nope We’re trying to find a miaow that says I’m a small business owner and I am popping out to get a coffee We need like a happy, strong, "in control" contactless sound

No Try that again but lift the cat up so it's higher No It can’t sound like it's dangerous I think before this experience I didn’t realise that I was an artist, I suppose That, that felt very "yellow" Does that make sense? I won't accept mediocre, my customers won't accept mediocre So yes, it’s stressful But when I hear that perfect miaow, it will be worth it [MIAOW] So, yeah here it is, the business debit card that miaows

[MIAOW] It just makes sense