The Top 5 Best Credit Cards with Signup Bonuses in 2019

Credit card bonuses can be one of the most lucrative ways to make some extra cash for something you were going to get anyways. VPN:

Now I do know people that use credit cards for travel points and also cash back credit cards and a bunch more. Some people like Dave Ramsey might say Credit cards are bad don’t even do it, it doesn’t make sense but for me, it’s a little bit more complicated. So I went ahead and found the top 5 best credit cards with signup bonuses. In this video, I made sure to include the Top credit cards for travel, cash back and any other benefit you could think of.

Key Questions Answered

1. What are the top 5 cards and why?

2. Why is this a good strategy?

3. How to get the bonuses without spending money?

Credit Cards

Barclay Arrival+
Bonuses: 70,000 which equates to $700
– Earn Unlimited Miles 2x miles ( every dollar you spend you get 2 points)
– % miles back when you redeem ( You redeem a 100 bucks you get back 5 points for redeeming)
– 0 apr for balance transfer for 12 months if done 45 days after opening the accounts
– $89 yearly fee waived the first year
Point System: 1 point (equals) .01cent | Example 70,000 points (times).01 (equal) $700
Requirement: Spend 5k within the first 90 days (10k points for these also)
Cons: $89 after that, but you could probably ask to be waived every year and say “the competition is free and offer the same stuff”
Verdict: If you can manage to spend 5k in your first 90 days which is around $1,666 dollars a month, and received 700 back in point then it’s a no brainer. As long you already are spending that money on a monthly bases and are just paying with the card and paying it off every month, then you are good to go.

Capital One Savor
Tip: some people with 830-850 credit score were still denied
Bonuses: $500 bonus
– 4% cash back on dining and entertainment
– 2% cash back on groceries
– 1% cash back everywhere else
– 8% Back at Vivid Seats (concerts)
Point System: Not points just cash back really
Requirement: Spend 3k to get that $300 within 90 days (this gets cash back also)
Cons: Annual fee is not waived and costs $95 annually
Verdict: Let’s say you get this card which is not the easiest to get. And you have to spend $9500 annually to get that $95 dollar fee made back at 1% cash back. But if you’re using it for dining and entertainment and getting back 4% then it’s only $2,375 you have to spend to make back the $95 annual fee. So to get this card you have to be spending a ton of money, so it’s more of a business card I would think or a card you use for every date, vacation and stuff like that. This would be my Hawaii card.

Chase Sapphire
Bonuses: 60,000 points and in some cases 70,000
Point System: 2x (double points) if spent on travel or dining
– 1x(regular) if spend on anything else
– Plus 25% bonus for travel redemption
Requirement: $4,000 in the first 90 days to get a bonus ($1333 monthly spendings)
Cons: Chase 4/24 rule applier
– Annual fee not waived the first year $95
Verdict: I love chase But when it comes to this credit card signup bonus from chase, I think it’s pretty good, its around $700 plus 25% for travel redemption which adds up to 750 from 60k points.

AmEx EveryDay Credit Card
Tip: use incognito mode to get access to offer
Bonuses: $250 dollar bonus
– 2x points per 1$ on supermarkets ( 20% if you use the cards more than 20 times per month)
– 1x for everything else (plus 20% bonus)
Point System: You earn 1 point per dollar
– One point = 1 cent
Requirement: spend $2000 bucks in your first 90 days ($666 a month)
Cons: The cash back is not really that high compared to another competitor that offers 2%
Verdict: It’s a good credit card with a cool signup bonus that you could use on a daily bases or when grocery shopping to earn extra cash back.

Discover it Referral
Note: Become a Discover Cardmember and get a $50 Statement Credit with your 1st purchase within 3 months.

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