The SICKEST Credit Card Wealth Hack EVER (3x baby!!!!)

– What's goin' on, y'all? Welcome back to another Wealth Hack Wednesday, and this is one, gosh, I mean there are so many wealth hack strategies that you could implement, but this is one that I just love Like, there's just so much to love about this one

So, if you've checked out some of my other videos, I'm all about credit cards like I love using the points I'm not a major travel hacker or anything I've got a good friend of mine who has, oh my gosh, I think he's used like 20 cards at one time, and him and his family travel all the time, and I mean travel all the time, and they don't pay for anything We're talking airfare, we're talking hotels, and cars, and it's just amazing, but I know for many of you, that's just, it's a lot, right? Like that's trying to manage 20 credit cards, just, blah That would just blow my mind

So what we have, you know, we have all Chase cards, Southwest is by far the one that we use the most, because any time that we're traveling or we gotta fly, I've got the companion pass, my wife has also qualified for the companion pass at times, and we've been able to I mean, I can't remember the last time we actually paid for a flight, but this is the hack that I love, especially if you are a business owner, especially if you are an online business owner So I'm in a few different Mastermind groups, and this was just through a Voxer chat group that I'm in, and if you don't know what Voxer is check it out

It's an amazing app to communicate with different people So within this Voxer group you know we're talkin' about points and rewards and all that stuff and there are a few cards, I think there's a Chase card, there's an Amex card that basically will give you three times the points, so three x points if you use it for advertising Now for many traditional business owners how much are you really spending on newspaper ads or mailers or radio spots I mean there could be an ad budget there, but in the online space So let's say that you're spending money on Facebook ads or Youtube ads and you're getting three x the points, so three times the points on all your ads spend that's pretty sick So let's just kinda break this down real quick right? Now you have to get to a point where you've got a product, you've got a service, you've got something that you can promote and make money on So if you have that and then you figure out the Facebook ad, the tip, the secret, the strategy, how to actually implement that right to where where there's every dollar that you're spending, you're making some money in return Now it takes a while to get to that point But if you get to that point where let's say every dollar that you spend you're making a dollar back like that's good return

Let's say that you perfect it even more and for every dollar that you spend, you're getting two dollars back Like that's pretty phenomenal Let's just go ahead and put a bow on this for the whole wealth hack So you've got your online business set up, you've got your product, you're spending on Facebook ads and every dollar you spend you're getting x return and here's the best part You've run all that ad spend on your credit card that gives you three times the points

You see where I'm goin' with this? Do you see where I'm goin' with this? And it was kinda this epiphany And like I don't do a lot of ad spend right now, you know so most of ours is just all the different business expenses We run all that through there All our personal expenses We get the Chase points so we can transfer those over

But in 2019 I will be utilizing Facebook ads, Youtube ads this year so guess what card I'm going to use to get the three x points? And the other friend that has one business card, and he runs all his business expenses through this one card but then all his online advertising, everything goes to this one specific card to get the three x points and then he car merge them all together So it's just a beautiful thing You know there's a lot of financial gurus out there that don't like credit cards and just wanna mess with it, and they'll say well if you have a credit card you're gonna spend more, which I'm sure there's a lot of science and research that backs that up, but if you're a business owner and you know what you're doin' and you're smart and you're savvy like this is how you hack your wealth This is how you take advantage of all these different means that you have, and use it to your advantage instead of just saying oh no I don't wanna use credit cards Like credit cards are evil

They're the devil (stabbing noises) All I'm saying is that get educated Make sure that you understand what's out there What are the limitations? What are some of the summing blocks that you could run into? But then what are the benefits that you're not maximizing? And this is one in a perfect situation of you've got the online business, you've got the product, you've got the service to offer and you're doing ad spend That's how you hack your wealth

Alright I hope you enjoyed this wealth hack Wednesday tip I'm reminding you that it is your money, it's your life and only you can make it awesome Until next time y'all Peace