The Mozo guide to getting the best deal on your credit card

Option overload It's definitely a thing in the modern world, especially if you're thinking of getting one of these puppies

So, how do you find the best deal on a credit card? Did you know there are more than 200 credit card choices on the Australian market? Look, so, so many Low interest rate, low fee, balance transfer, reward – with all those options finding the card that's right for you can be really hard work Luckily, there's a place where you can save all that time and effort and see and compare a bunch of different options depending on your financial circumstances you may want a low rate card to keep your payments manageable, a card with flyer rewards to help you on your big escape or other platinum perks like a concierge and complimentary travel insurance That could be handy if you need it

Balance transfer cards with a zero percent balance transfer rate help you get a handle on expensive credit card debt Or, if you pay out your balance each month, a card with no annual fee to help keep costs down With so many options out there doing the research to find a credit card that's right for you will be worth it Head to mozocom

au you find out how you can get the best deal on your credit card