The Credit Card Float

The credit card float Okay, it's a little bit scary but nothing we can't handle

Here at YNAB, we have Four Rules The problem is, sometimes we get those rules a little jumbled If you're riding the credit card float, you're charging your credit card on an empty wallet biting your fingernails till your next paycheck and divvying up that fresh income to cover your overspending and bills from last month Definite no no YNAB gives you the tools to create a worry-free budget with money you already have, not money you're waiting to receive

If you're trapped in the credit card float, there are two ways to break the cycle Stop paying the card in full Pay the minimum each month and use the leftovers to start paying for your expenses up front A second way to break the cycle is to continue paying the card in full, but eliminate all unnecessary spending to begin ushering your money toward your immediate obligations Debt is here now and we need to be doing all we can to get one step ahead of it