The benefits of using your Wells Fargo card in your preferred mobile wallet

START CARD The benefits of using your mobile wallet [Music playing] >> CASHIER: Here’s your large iced hazelnut macchiato >> RORY: Thank you

>> CASHIER: That’s going to be $379 [Disclosure: Screen images simulated] >> CASHIER: Got it! >> RORY: Thanks! >> TAYLOR: Did you just pay with your phone? That looked real easy >> RORY: You mean this? Oh yeah It’s, like, my favorite new thing to do

>> TAYLOR: And you don’t have to pull out your wallet? >> RORY: Nope! This is faster than digging in my bag looking for my card, way more convenient when I have other things in my hand, plus, I look cool doing it! >> TAYLOR: But where can you use that? >> RORY: Oh! All over the place The grocery store, the pharmacy, here, thankfully! I mean, the faster I can get my caffeine fix, the better >> TAYLOR: All that with your phone? I’m going to do that! [Disclosure: actions simulated] >> RORY: Yeah, it’s so convenient! And I have the same 24/7 fraud monitoring I get with my plastic card >> TAYLOR: And Did it! I’m going to try that now! >> CASHIER: Hey, what can I get for you today? >> TAYLOR: Want a croissant? >> RORY: Yeah, if you’re buying! >> TAYLOR: Can I get two croissants, please? >> CASHIER: Two croissants

>> CASHIER: Got it! >> CASHIER: Got it! [Music] END CARD [WF logo] + Pay with your Wells Fargo card and preferred mobile wallet today ©2018 Wells Fargo Bank, NA All rights reservedMember FDIC