The 911 Request Card

This is the 911 Request Survival Card we went down and we looked at our past military experience and we said hey in the military we have a nine line for medivac well What a civilians need to use so we went out we talked to a bunch of dispatchers as well as police officers and fire and paramedics and said What's the most important things that you need to know when you're responding to an emergency? We then capture those in nine different lines that are there where you need to be another patient still breathing and what you can do Okay, and then with the 9-1-1 card also You can get three high quality videos that teach you how to handle trauma so that you've got some type of experience It's over 30 high quality videos They're absolutely free Just go there and log in there and you can check that out with ready, man We're including these in every order that's going out and then if you want extras, they're only $0

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