TCS Used Navisite & Cloudshape to Process Gift Cards in Real-Time

>> Marc Gommers, Managing Director, TCS: Well, we are TCS We are a processor of gift cards, savings cards, loyalty cards

A business which we delivery internationally to our customers It's a real time business We fully deliver it as a managed service on a software as a service basis to our customers I am the managing director of the company, of TCS I am responsible for the international growth of the company and the business development of the company, which products we will next add to our real time solution

More and more, it becomes important to us to really quickly roll out for our customers A time to market fast availability of capacity in the cloud The reliability and the speed at which it can be delivered That's truly important to us, apart from, of course, the performance We chose Cloudshape to partner with because of two reasons

Navisite delivering as an international cloud service provider, in our opinion one of the best [inaudible 00:00:55] clouds in the world to us Secondly Cloudshape is our local point of contact, and also the party who tunes our cloud every day, and verify that we can deliver a very good service to our customers As we are an expanding, rapidly growing company, for us it is important that the service we need from Navisite and Cloudshape can be internationally delivered, as well as should be an enterprise class cloud, on an infrastructure as a service basis As we turn it into software as a service to our customers We work together on a daily basis

Of course, Cloudshape first has set up our own virtual private clouds in the Navisite environment They run it for us and tune it and control it for us every day As we are growing internationally, and also [inaudible 00:01:44] rapidly growing, means also our volume, our day to day real time volume grows Therefore we needed to upgrade our solution, and we've upgraded to Cloudshape and Navisite What they've brought to us is better performance, much higher reliability, therefore in the end we serve our customers better by having assurity of this world class platform beneath our business