Start saving while you spend with a Change It Up Debit Card from CoVantage

Step into cash when you use your CoVantage debit card for purchases It's a great, easy way for you to save money every time you spend

CoVantage Credit Union's Change It Up Debit Card automatic savings program Use your CoVantage debit card each time you make a purchase Your daily debit card transactions are rounded up to the next whole dollar All rounded up amounts are transferred from your checking account to your savings account at the end of each day CoVantage Credit Union will match 5% of all Change It Up transfers

You step into more cash simply by using your CoVantage debit card The more you use your debit card, the more you'll save So start saving while you spend, with your CoVantage debit card Enroll today in the Change It Up Debit Card program Visit covantagecu

org for details or stop by any CoVantage branch Federally insured by NCUA See covantagecuorg for details