SkyOne Card Access App

Welcome to InFlight, your guide to all things SkyOne Today, data breaches and card fraud have become a fact of life, and criminals routinely make unauthorized purchases with our personal information

Despite our best efforts to protect our information, it’s not a matter of if but when we will be targeted Here at SkyOne, we help you stay in control of your finances and your information, so you can focus more on living your life With our Card Access app, you can add an extra layer of security to your cards by getting real-time alerts One, there’s the Transaction Amount alert that lets you know your card has been used and because fraudsters often test cards using a low-dollar amount, you can set the alert to $1, so you’re never caught by surprise

There’s also the Card Not Present alert that gives you a heads up about transactions being made without physically presenting your card Most of these happen online or over the phone, and might just be your teen shopping In a nutshell, you’ll have more control and more confidence that your SkyOne cards are safe and secure Ready to get started? Just download the app, set up your account, load your SkyOne cards, and choose the alerts that best fit your needs The SkyOne Card Access App, just one of the ways we’re committed to protecting you and your money

To learn more about how you can protect your money, visit SkyOneorg/alerts