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When you're looking for a new credit card, there are plenty of options that offer rewards and other benefits but cards that offer signup bonuses can be some of the most appealing out there Who wouldn't want to receive hundreds of dollars just for signing up for a new card? Here at CardGuru

com, we've put together a comprehensive list of what we believe are the best signup bonus credit cards available but in order to get the best card for you you'll have to narrow things down based on several key factors Number one, you'll want to understand what sort of minimum spending requirement you'll have to reach Some cards will require four to five thousand dollars in minimum spending or more If you're a big spender, that's not a major concern but if you would consider yourself to be a bit more frugal maybe look for cards with spending requirements in the 500 to 1000 dollar range Take note of annual fees If what you're slated to get in a signup bonus doesn't completely offset the annual fee and make sure you're thinking year after year here, that particular card might not be the one for you

Be aware of other rewards when selecting your card A signup bonus is just the beginning – or at least it should be So, you'll want to understand what sort of travel, dining, gas or grocery rewards a card might offer If you have "Good" or "Excellent" credit, usually a requirement for any card offering a signup bonus you can meet the minimum spending requirements and to plan to pay your balance in full each month You're probably a prime candidate for one of these great signup bonus cards at CardGurucom

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