Signing In To Your Credit One Bank Account (iPhone)

– [Instructor] Hey, everyone In this video, we're gonna talk about what to do if you're having trouble signing into the Credit One Bank website

First, let's go over how it should look So I'm here at creditonebankcom, and I'm gonna enter my username and password All right, so this is what it looks like when we signed in successfully Now, let's go over what to do if this is not what you're experiencing

The first thing we need to do is check our settings, so go to your Settings and scroll down and find Safari On the Safari page, scroll all the way down to the bottom and select Clear History and Website Data, and then select Clear History and Data And that clears our cache The next thing we can do is up here where it says Ask Websites Not to Track Me, if yours is toggled in the on position where it's green, toggle that over to the off position Next, we can go back to Safari and if you are in private browsing mode, which looks like this, your search bar will be dark gray

Turn off private browsing mode So where your search bar is light gray, and then you can go back to the Credit One Bank website and make sure you type it in Don't use a bookmark or anything like that Actually type it in and navigate to the website And you can try logging in again

If that doesn't work, you can try resetting your password So you go to Forgot Username and Password And for this, you're gonna, for this, you're gonna need your social security number, your credit card number, the good thru date, which is the expiration date and the signature panel code which is that little three-digit code on the back of the card Now, if you've tried all of this and it's still not working, the last thing we can try is turning off our Wi-Fi and using cellular data instead Right now, my Wi-Fi is currently off, but if your Wi-Fi were on, it would be toggled into the green position, so just toggle that over into the off position and use your cellular data instead

Head back to creditonebankcom and try again Okay, so that about wraps it up I hope you found this information helpful If you have any questions about what we went over here today, please feel free to leave us a comment down below

Also check out the links provided in the description for lots of other helpful videos on other Credit One Bank related topics And we'll see you in the next video