Shake things up with our new Metal cards 💳

Banks have failed to move with the times but we don't need them Back in 11th century Italy, merchants from all over would exchange their different currencies for trade, outdoors on benches, which is where we get the word Bank from – 'Banca'

They started as a way of making our lives easier Unfortunately this all changed As the bank profits grew bigger, customer experience was lost in a maze of paperwork and bureaucracy They invented new and complicated ways of growing their margins, built on hidden fees and taking liberties with their customers money But there's a solution: Revolut Metal The stainless steel card that does more than just look good

An authority to tear down borders, make our finances as mobile as we are Free to spend in a hundred and thirty currencies worldwide at the real interbank exchange rate Think sending unlimited amounts of money abroad with no fees, with free worldwide travel insurance Think seamlessly buying and selling cryptocurrencies in seconds and earning cashback instantly in the Fiat or cryptocurrency of your choice Access to 24/7 concierge from your phone to put what you want when you need it, for a truly borderless lifestyle

And all this in your pocket Demand more from your bank Revolut Metal Radically Better