Set Google Adword account without Campaign Credit Card (2018)

Hello everyone today's video is going to be on how to set up Google AdWords account without having to to set up a campaign or your credit card There was a time in the past where you didn't have to set up a campaign or Give Google your your debit or credit card information But now as of 2018 you do have to give your billing information hmm now let me just show you what happens if you don't go through the process from me I Just went through this and it was heartbreaking This is what happened

I want to Go and work at it Whatever Google asked me to do and this is what pops up If you don't go through a process properly You will be stuck in this page forever There's no way you can get out of this Campaign this credit card system You will be stuck in this forever The only way you can bypass this campaign issue is to open a fresh Gmail account which has no AdWords account in it for this this this is over I will never be able to set up a Google adword account unless I I start a new a new fresh Gmail a Now you can see here that I have to set a budget I Have to you know set all of these and then only then will I be able to use Google Adwords Unfortunately this means that I have to pay Google a certain amount of money Now there is a way you can bypass this It just means it just you just have to click Certain things in a correct manner and that's what I'm going to show you so let me just switch over to The fresh Gmail that I just made So I've created a fresh Gmail Which does not have any Ad word account So I'll just go to this link and I will leave the link of this in the description box below, so do check it out Paste it and go Now you want to click on start now Now this is a very important step, and if you don't get it right you will be stuck Again, and you have to create a new gmail What you want to do is you want to make sure oh yeah first you want to name your account I'll just name it Okay you want to name your account

Let's name it sola Just a name doesn't matter and This is a very important step You don't want to mess here or get it wrong you want to click on To manage other people's account if you click on Manage my accounts Google will trap you with the campaign and all that Payment credit card issue that ruins everything Keep in mind that you won't be able to change this information later on so you want to make sure Everything is set up carefully Save and continue Just let the page load, it's taking them some time So as you can see Google has set the dashboard For the google adword account I do apologize for the slow response My Internet's quite down And congratulations your Google AdWords has been set up you can now explore the Your Google Work dashboard click advise do not try to spend too much time over here You know just avoid the campaign's you know you don't want it to suddenly pop up And then just you know grab hold of you Let's find out just try to stay away from the campaign I Hope this video was very useful to you Do subscribe Leave a comment if you need and help do let us know and we also have a Facebook page for techtitaniccom do visit our Facebook page and we'll also run a blog Be sure to check it out and give us a thumbs up You know it I feel very happy when I get a thumbs up when my videos being shared it gives me a lot of encouragement To contribute more for people out there before I leave I just want to say Google AdWords It's perfect for keyword research, you can also use it for SEO search engine optimization Very important if your lengthy of your running a blog So I hope this was very useful to you if you want me to make more videos on Google AdWords Do give me a thumbs up so I'll know that you know I am That my video has been very useful, so I should make more videos so until then take care