Secrid Red CardProtector REVIEW – Slim Automatic Wallet

In this video I review the Secrid Cardprotector a Red Dot design award winner The Secrid Cardprotector with RFID card protection is manufactured in the Netherlands, Holland You can choose 11 different colors Secrid describe this one as red although I'd describe it as a brushed metallic red the Card Protector features as the core part of the Secrid range and is incorporated Into many of their wallet designs By itself here, it performs the function of a card holder

It's made from aluminium and four to six cards That's four embossed cards or six flat cards It protects them from bending or damage and more importantly protects your RFID cards, that's your contactless payment cards from being scanned by somebody trying to steal your cards data Due to its popularity there are counterfeit products A genuine one comes with its own unique serial code for online registration after which you immediately receive your certificate of authenticity Bank cards credit cards or anything that shares the same dimensions can go in here, that might include an ID card or driver's license for example At the bottom of the aluminium RFID card protector you have a lever which you push and your cards are ejected in a fan like fashion allowing any of them to be selected immediately The manufacturers say that the mechanism can be operated 250,000 times without any problem And that's one benefit to making sure you get a genuine product This would be a much faster and practical way to pay for things in a store

The eject mechanism offers another layer of security in that you don't have to take the cards completely out of the Card Protector to make a contactless payment when you operate the mechanism The part exposed card has sufficient radio signal to cover short distances to make payment but the signal strength will be outside the reach of digital pickpockets The Cardprotector holds less than four cards if you want it to – I tried this with just one card and it still held securely, and it won't come out In fact the mechanism works also it weighs just 40 grams It's 63 millimeters x 102 x 8 For US and UK customers I've put links the description to the product

For other countries you can check their website to make sure you get a genuine product For similar products please check out some of my other videos Thanks for watching