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Rewards cards are a bit like everyone's favorite ice cream shop So many different flavors and really no undisputed winner! After all, everyone's different

That means the key to finding the right rewards card is to understand what your personal preferences are and what you want to get out of the card in turn Do you want points, miles, cash back or other perks? Because just like choosing between chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or something a bit more wild like bubble gum or birthday cake there's something out there for everyone Rewards cards tend to work based on a point system which means by spending money on certain categories or by staying loyal to a certain store you'll rack up points that you can use later as a credit or to buy other things When it all boils down, essentially, that's like getting money for spending money, so think about how you might be able to earn the most points Where do you spend the most of your money? This will determine whether you should seek out a cashback rewards card, airline card, specific retailer card or perhaps something else

Whatever the end result is for you, you'll be able to research and compare several of what we think are the best reward credit cards right here at CardGurucom Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your search!