Problems Getting Credit? Here is How I Got the Credit I Needed

It can be incredibly frustrating to be turned down for credit, particularly if you really need it. I had the same problem a couple of years ago when my car finally died on me and I needed to get an auto loan to buy a new car in order to get me to work everyday. I went through the process of being rejected several times until I found a way to improve my chances of getting the credit I needed.

In this article I will reveal exactly how I went about improving not only my chances of getting credit, but also reducing the cost of any credit that I did get. If you are suffering from similar issues and are finding it tough to get credit then this article should help you get what you want and soon.

After doing some research I soon discovered the problem I needed to resolve was the state of my credit score. Unfortunately I was not in a position to increase my repayments significantly and reduce my debts (the most obvious way to improve my credit). However I soon discovered there are a large number of other ways to increase your credit score.

One great example is that you can increase your debts and still increase your score. This seems counter intuitive however it is possible to increase your debts and your score at the same time. One important thing that goes into your credit score is the percentage of debt you have compared to your credit limits. As a result if you can get more credit and not use it all you should have the effect of reducing your score.

The above example is one of the simple yet hugely effective things I learned about credit scores. By learning such things about how your credit score is calculated you can reduce it significantly. Doing so allowed me to cut my score by about 200 points in just a few weeks.

Source by James McKerr

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