Police investigate possible credit card skimmers in Sebring

MELISSA AMES: I KNOW MANY PEOPLE HAVEI HAVE BEEN PERSONALLYIT CAN HAPPEN Melissa Ames works for the BBB and she's had her credit card info stolen Police in Sebring are telling people to be on alert First News Senior Reporter Gerry Ricciutti tells us what caught the eye of officers, and what you can do to protect yourself It's our top story tonight at six It can happen anywhere

even in the village of Sebring — where police confirm they've heard from a number of people recently complaining of unusual credit card activity after going to one of the gas stations in town While no one at either the Marathon or Circle-K stores could talk with us

police wanted to warn local residents Melissa Ames with the Better Business Bureau says "skimming" and "shimming" are just the latest versions of identify theft to target credit and debit card users

Ames says thieves will insert the device into the credit card slot at gas pumps or stand alone A-T-MsShe tells me there are ways customers can spot trouble She says if you spot a problemnotify your bank or credit card company right awayAmes also says its a good idea to check your bank and credit card statements frequently for unusual activityand report anything that stands outGerry RicciuttiWKBN 27 First News