Hey hi now you do not see but behind us there are plenty of people watching us yeah that's very awkward really you do not see it at all but there is still a small row with a lot of people who are sitting and saying to each other but that they are doing his two assholes They are in mode but what happens? Good evening to all my gazelles today we find ourselves for a new video and I'm not alone I'm with Neoxi Hey hi everyone it's 6 o'clock in the morning Because the filming you're going to see is not a normal shoot a Well no ! it's a different filming No, because today what is happening Neoxi? We exchange our blue cards and those for 24h Well listened to this video is sponsored by QwikMatch So what is QwikMatch? it's an application we'll talk about a bit later in the video stay until the end what will happen is that we will make you win 10 objects So that is to say that among all the expenses we have made today we will simply make you win gifts And there will be a contest on Instagram (@Mastuu_) so I invite you to follow us both The Instagram of Neoxi is displayed here (@VALENTINYT) mine is displayed here (@Mastuu_) exactly here I want it here And ba me I want it to be under my neck * effect blah blah * So it's gone that it's not time to trade our Neoxi blue cards? And I want to clarify one thing is that already we arrived we are joined right now The first thing they said to me was, and but Neoxi got you a hole in your pants ba I told them it's still a pity its still a pity to pass next to a new pants It's going to be too good it's so cool ok Neoxi are you ready for this card exchange? ready but not totally ok we exchange at the same time Dude I can do what I want with your card to go let's go hi guys He is too stupid he still did not ask me my card code so I do not know where he is going to go but he will not go far away look at the So suddenly Neoxi makes his video on his side and in the end everything will go on my channel And we will do an episode two on Neoxi's channel, I invite you to follow it Here it is, it is now vlog transition to the top keep me it's super funny ducoup we already had a little project with Diane so Diane is the lady who frame me Hello It is said that it could be funny to go to Disneyland Paris hoping that there are people there because we have a lot of small projects so we go to the Paris region simply We do not know at all where we give them to you it's a surprise we will discover over time And so suddenly our train is in about 15 minutes is perfect go it's part we order our ticket [remix of the SNCF announcement] We must know that we are going to Nantes we have a lot of idea jokes and stuff to con but it will be very very funny we will have fun what you want you tell me it's me (Neoxi) who regales what is the most expensive? 350 there a little iced tea go to go it's part you're worse than me [hello man detected] I'm going to take a little Angers cup A small keychain has 8 euros 30 is it ok or not? serious Ba frankly Neoxi really too cool what already two key doors it's 16 euros both [little music of one piece that passes cream] I propose to do some piano to celebrate the beginning of video Go go feasting all his Neoxi (Neoxi you shut up and let us appreciate thanks: 3) (music of the little Theo more commonly called Mastu of his old name Masturbatm

sorry I stop) (we said shush Neoxi) and the guys I'm getting ready to take my train with the map of Neoxi the And me with his Okay, we'll have a little handshake and then we're going to leave each other on our side And dude I'll take care of your card for 24 hours this is part let's go hi hi aaaa my first trip in first class (donated to poor Mastu) thank you Neoxi it's a pleasure it's gone for two hours of train so we go to Disney and then I do not know what they do on their side but enjoy life as it is not we who spoil it's really a zero transition but it's funny [music] (watch wild Mastu banging bars in the train) ok good the blow Mastu he left We will try to buy some shit but really little shit but really expensive kind like he did like a blizzard card two redbulls at 350 whereas it's 180 normally She does not shit the madam there for those who had seen my video 24 hours to show my life I bought a little Roberto and ba I think I'll buy a little

Something like his that will accompany me all day The little mickey he goes too fast with his race deuuuuh outfit In real it costs 15 euros we take it You feel he is we are happy today we will spend money PAYMENT ACCEPTED There is a guy who can not afford his train ticket What? Are you wanting to save his life or not? Hello heuuu they told me that you only have tickets to pay is it? yeah that's it And ba ya seuuh it's his grave well I have my friend's card and if you want I can pay you for your ticket yeah no, it's really you who are all doing it and I'm just here to pay with his card (yes I was too lazy to write everything but it's 4h that I translate everything so have pity) it's a joke he paid train tickets to a guy I do not know Its a pleasure anyway thank you Neoxi it's really fun And you do not want us to buy pulses unicorn? but dude, we can do it because we have to buy five gifts for subscribers oh ba we are going to take the pro t shirt is more expensive ok added to cart paf 64 euros mc proceed to payment thank you Valentine 70 euros the order is now confirmed and ba hey thank you card in Mastu so are we guys in Madrid? totally wrong we are in Marne la vallée but just it's really funny the plan Madrid as her (Theo ) We really felt like they were going to Paris and in fact we do not really go to the south (Theo ) it's good in South Madrid? (Theo !!!) (Madrid is in the middle of the esp ) it's a middle of Spain (thank you very much Diane) Good after two and a half hours of train I think it's time to go heuuu to go to Disney and then we'll see what we can do with the map of Neoxi [rhythmic music] (Theo has fun like crazy if you see his message I support you in the comment it's been 5 hours that I bump on subtitles) before buying any things ladies and gentlemen we'll do is already withdraw money Hop like yeah go frankly dude it's funny Well guys we managed to enter Disney after multiple galère so we will finally be able to use this beautiful map that is that of Neoxi I propose immediately to go to see shop soon to go see it is a souvenir shop and buy objects simply Diane, you can have fun whatever you want I want this shit the You want her? you want that so suddenly? Neoxi will be happy to spend approximately 50 euros in Mickey and Mini goodies And so Neoxi is pleased to spend 20 euros in this cap? Oh the gloves too Oh the truth is too good it's way too good and well we take all this you do not want to sign autographs for your subscribers? what's this ? And it can be stylish for Neoxi and his decorations we will not buy him suddenly it would be a shame to buy you stuff that serves you Neoxi finally I mean we'll think a moment payment accepted it's gone Neoxi Han I'm stuffed with phew, I can do nothing with his, I can not so Neoxi have fun or not? I hope that your side is going well me from mine it's too good Well, listen to him that it would not be time to see what's going on Neoxi transition mode mickey attention Oh fucking guy fictitious operation of "trotting" It's not a bit early for the mall to be open? I would have said to make a pose to buy lotto tickets I'll take a 20 euros astro, a pixel adventure, and a jackpot air black jack We are here Thank you eh, And it is thanks to you we will double the amount you have on your account I will really take a menu after 8:30 Do you want something? please click again click here again What? And then wait, and hop 3, 7, 5, you see it there are seven there, Ok no I'm laughing I took one No waste hop finalize the order with the map of Mastu to go we start, we start strong there hop it's lost go Mastu 2 euros less oh damn there are two stable guy so already we won and bin is a 4 euros attention 4 euros guy we have 8 euros the guy I have two creatives we still won 2 euros 4 euros 4 euros 8 euros, no, but man, we won 8 euros Dude we won again I swear to you 2euros at the whore we have the 1 guy we won 10 euros Dude we made 4euros profit, aaaah but dude it's crazy [one piece music] Well guys we are currently in a small amusement park that is rather simp then it's Neoxi that's boring us the entry here I give you a little clue about where you are If you are there also do not hesitate to come and say hello I would buy you maybe objects it is Neoxi who regales anyway with his blue card albatard dude but he's a fucking DisneyLand bastard Dude has Disneyland the same teddy she will listen 35 euros I bought the 15 euros You're going to see that he's not going to buy a pellet at 15 euros Very good and listen well thank you Neoxi for his 158 euros spent thanks to your card it's so nice to pay for a ride in a park when you pay nothing Finally we pay nothing Neoxi pay but we pay nothing [music] it's really the most ridiculous thing in the world You know what we're going to do we have followers who we join What we're going to do is we're going to do a little tour to the fnac And we will take the little card to Mastu and we will see eventually there is pretty found The guys we are currently in the fnac heuuuu of Nantes with subscribers and bachhhhoeiidsf and looked at what I just found There is Roberto I take it immediately Well we just out of the Fnac which was not very welcoming because Johan the cameraman is shipped we were paying at the cash desk then we see him get picked up by a guy as you can see we found the Roberto family they are all small look like they are cute They will join Roberto Then in addition to his seen we had a whole troop of subscribers with us And ba I told myself we will go to please, we will "rinse" with the card has Mastu And look in addition they did not choose shit JBL headphones and a big speaker the guys And Mastu I hope you're contant And it's with your money all its a Then, there is Anonimal who will join us Mastu do not know anything like he does not even think I think Anonimal is going to be with me ah ba hey call me So I told you I was going to Disneyland with my girlfriend Saturday it turns out I bought a hotel at 380 euros (Mastu did not see that Neoxi had not hung up) what! But no, but I did it for the valve just now but you're a big but you're really a bastard, you're the worst 380 the night dude really did you his (Mastu understood that he was talking in the wind rhooo the con) He hung up He will remind me I will be in pls of phew [phone ring] Dude [loud breath] Hello I had a whole group of subscribers and we went to the Fnac and I bought them for 200 euros of gift [several thanks Mastu do] I hear Mastu thank you behind you are the worst It promises to be a good day, so I do not know how much it's been up to budget, but I'm starting to sweat really Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to introduce QwikMatch what is it ? Well, it's not very complicated it is simply an application on which you can talk with your friends but also make friends there is a match system that means you can play with strangers and so you can chat with them whether by text chat, you can talk to them by voice chat and the little subtlety is that you can make mini games with them it's very cool and so we're coming so we'll play with Neoxi on this application I'll quickly introduce it and the loser of the mini game is going to have a pledge a can be boring in short, we will talk about it for the moment we are going to play with Neoxi and then his will go the application is launched So here we are now on the home screen simply and as you can see I just have to tap on the screen to match with someone And so suddenly I end up with a totally unknown person and so you can chat and it's very cool haaaaa Neoxi is the The message is sent to Neoxi will you respond to it? [read on the screen] I would love to have his reaction live you see it but I currently do not see her the loser will be forced to have an object imposed in his decor I valid he validates ok he accepted it's good ladies and gentlemen we are really entering the work phase I really do not want him to put an object in my decor because I already know he's going he will try to put something that is not in sync with my decor it starts in 3, 2, 1 attention Warning oh yeah that's sup

oh fuck it's hard, ok i'm fine i'm going faster than him but he is too hot he has already played it is not possible I'm going to fuck him, I fuck him waits waits, oh I'm catching up with him I'm catching him dirty no no no no, but it is too hot but how does he do it? dude I'm on he'll follow me no no no no no no no no no he is 90% he will get there I lost no hey go there I call oh no I'm going to have a shitty object in my decor heuuu dude oh dude I had a beg my screen he did not film we have to start again how did it bother you? no, but man needs too much to start again and all I had a big beg on the end no no no I do not think we have to start again I do not really think that you have started it does not matter to me how good you listen to it you won guy you have the right to put an object in my decor with my blue card you know what we talk about later on ok? went kisses [laugh] what an asshole good ba it's a failure good ba ladies and gentlemen we can do a lot of things on QwikMatch it's very cool we can have fun with his friends So it's really nice and we can do dating especially so here is the link is in the description There will be a contest on Instagram I invite you directly to follow them and download the application it's really very cool it's available on all platforms ladies and gentlemen we are currently standing in line we are next to pass So what's going on? ba it happens that we do not even need the blue card Neoxi to fuck him the seum today you will see it's going to be very fast I think that there is one who will stink the sigh is soon to us Neoxi attention you will take the threshold in a can close 3, 2, 1 (Theo realized his dream meeting Woodie) Good Neoxi I'm with Woodie I have a friend who is extremely fond of you really he is extremely fanatic And it is not today and suddenly I would have liked that you signed him a little word Ba then Neoxi we have a dedication from his greatest idol? I hope that it's a pleasure and ba like there is no need for a lot of money to fuck you the only one then and then ba Neoxi who is it who just spent 90 euros in a big soft toy? and ba it's you, and who is it who will offer it to a subscriber very well and ba is still you this teddy so taken from Toy's story 3 that smells strawberry as in leuuuh the cartoon finally ladies and gentlemen we are currently going to hide this stuffed animal good she will not be extremely well hidden and it's up to you to take it we will hide and film you in secret and at the same time we are going to eat because we have not eaten we are now Are you sure of yourself? I feel hot way ladies and gentlemen this teddy that Neoxi bought 89 euros is currently available you just have to take it now we are at this place do you pleasure she is for you she is free it is Neoxi who pays aaaaah ladies and gentlemen we are currently in hidden camera and the stuffed is there it is still the most chelous plan of the world people look at it in mode: but what are happening there so his is I'm going to film extremely long it's his that you do not know ooooooooh you're glad you found him excellent A big gg to you you win a stuffed 90 euros thank you Neoxi And now as you can see it is extremely fun really it's a great pleasure thank you for you to pay us menu aaaa 30 balls in real I do not know how much he was 30 balls That is true ?! he is really 30 balls ?! 15 euros the menu I hope you're having fun on your side that what's happening on your side Neoxi? we want to see her right now it's now so wait there's a very funny thing that Anonimal just said as a little concept we will not give a big fat one to drink to the driver because even so he was nice the price of the race is 19 euros 43 man we do a shi fu mi x2 (Neoxi) x3 (Anonimal) it's too good you it's the x3 me it's the x2 how much sleeve? In one only in x2 and Theo was lucky 1943 x2 come on we'll put 40 euros payment limit set at 38 euros and ba hey he's lucky and ba we'll put 38 a hop the Guys we're currently at the commercial center of Nantes called Atlantis I think so we're going to look good I give the card to Anonimal I'm going to do some shopping and I'm coming back and dude I'm kind but completely exhausted I'm really sick of walking Valentine's Day and dude, do you really want to stop walking? Ba yeah I can not anymore let's look behind the sofa, ho ba look at what's going on great skateboards and are we happy or what? we must try it right away we just got out of the shopping center of Nantes and with Anonimal we found very good objects of the electric skates And Mastu thanks for his nice electric skates with a remote watching Anonimal also took a it's too much fun it's too nice I'm a Valentine's Day !!! Mastu: ladies and gentlemen this teddy that Neoxi has bought 89 euros is currently available what no ?! Mastu: ladies and gentlemen this teddy that Neoxi has bought 89 euros is currently available but nah but I really thought he had taken it for me I was serious happy I was in fashion but yes dude dude but no but guy is waiting [music one piece] La la la la la la la la la la [one piece music] Good Neoxi, we're getting ready to do a little

a sensational ride as you saw a little earlier we have withdrawn 50 euros finally 100 euros but we will say 50 euros figure that his 50 euros I have it right now in my backpack there What will happen if during the thrill ride I held your 50 note in my hand like her? I'm going to make sure to hold it but it may be that at any time he ripe from my hand and that you lose 50 euros still in the water finally brief good we just finished the attraction I will not hide you that in normal I do not get kind of attraction so I was moderately serene (very serene indeed Theo does not matter we understand you) but here we go it's gone so we're ordering our little pictures worth 30 euros here it is framed with your little note of 50 hand Neoxi Here we have not lost you are lucky but well do not worry it will soon be spent you know a good Neoxi we had the choice between a picture and a frame we took the two we thought before we leave it would be cool to buy more stuff for heuuu for heuuuu ba for children for kids who walk around so it says why not buy balloons it can be an opportunity to give to children as it is they are contant and arriving at the stand Diane so who currently frames this video fell on what is her name already? Jessie Jessie Diane fell on Jessie and she said of course that it will be beautifully in the Neoxi setting why do not you buy it with the Neoxi card? and where it's going to be funny is that we're going to make him believe that we bought him for his decor and that in the end we'll tell him not born, we are kidding it was Diane who wanted her to go hi Neoxi thank you Neoxi good enough we said rather than buying a single stuffed why not buy balloons? And we say go we're going to do something nice together go back a little more ok go it's part so we're done [laughing] the worst framing Mastu where are you !!! I am the ouep [music] ladies and gentlemen we are so sleepy in Paris I have completely exploded feet I slept in the rer So we are in Paris and I thought why not look at the little stories of Neoxi because its been a moment that I have not looked at it is currently 16:30 it's gone now La la la la la la la la they bought a xbox no but what is it that is delirious is a skit not well i just saw your instagram story Ba, are you sweaty? Ba then dude you know what we're going to do the shops we're in Paris you know what we're going to please but no dude, but no, we're going to go Come on we stop and we meet we meet in Angers Dude I think I was not generous enough you know what we're gonna do in Kisses Neoxi I hung what an asshole ok guys after this conversation with Neoxi es that it would not be time to fart a cable? Is that Neoxi sa would not be a good friend? and that he would not give me a present and that I would say that we would not buy a ps4 from a subscriber? Are we going to buy an iphone from a subscriber? iphone X is how much already? it's a SMIC ah uh good ba heuuu we can be seuuuh we are right next to Fnac and what we have in our possession? still Neoxi's map And here we go, we'll see it's Neoxi, who seems to be regaling, I have the million, he seems to want to give a lot of gifts to subscribers I say to myself well listen leaves to celebrate the million to make his card fart [one piece music] hey, we're starting to go too far so I'm telling you what happened there So we are going to the Fnac is posed a lot of debate that is, if you get a ps4 do you get 1 xbox es that you take an iphone an iphone? and finally we opted for a nintendo switch if we combine it with a google home and if we combine everything with the game zelda the breath of the wild and ba frankly we get a nice thing no and thank you again Neoxi I repeat it but for all these gifts we will do an instagram contest in which you can all participate suddenly I invite you once again to follow me on instagram (@Mastuu_) The sa is just here right now (@Mastuu_ Ba listen we'll already tidy up all the brothel because the blow I'm cluttered we can perhaps see what is going on in this moment on the side of Neoxi go kiss Good ladies and gentlemen we are currently on the Pompidou Center So what's going on? we are still in possession of the map of Neoxi and I told myself why not at the end of the day like his (he is currently 18:30) why not go to the bar with everyone and then here I pay tour to everyone if it is there will be really anyone who will come everyone fights his balls is found in the next cut off is we are 30 or I'm always alone we'll see how to go it's part of the transition transition little aside in the meantime I called Neoxi and so we took stock and we absolutely did not spend the entire budget we had with this op the coup we decided to donate it to associations it will surely be associations in connection with animals because here it is the animals it's really my lease what I prefer to tell you because it seems important to me and I do not want to film me doing it So here it is, and there is still nobody for the moment I think I start a can sweat ok good ba I'm going to sit in the water now good ladies and gentlemen small transition we are currently in a restaurant we're 10 in total so suddenly guys I'm going to ask you to really let go on the map but really it's me who pays everything it's really with my blue card what's not like I had someone else's blue card really it's cool what ladies and gentlemen thank you for staying until the end of this video and listen well we make you a lot of kisses already because it was a big video and it was really cool to tour if the video has you more do not hesitate to put a blue thumb as usual and then to comment and share it briefly you know a little music On this before we leave we would not finish on a good word? here I want to say everything is a trip was possible thanks to Neoxi so I want to finish on a positive note thanks WHO ? thank you Neoxi !! and dude, we really love you Thank you for this video young monkey soon the million more than 20k at the time or I write his lines thank you to you this video was well worth my 10 hours of work ^^