NEW DISNEY Credit Card Policy Change | January 2019

hello everyone welcome back to coral joy travel my name is coral and I am the founder of coral joy travel which is a travel agency that specializes in Disney vacations today I'm going to be sharing with you an announcement that the Disney destinations company had just released yesterday January 14th for a Walt Disney World credit card authorization policy change if this is something you're interested in stay tuned and if you're not yet already subscribed be sure to subscribe by hitting the red subscribe button below to be notified of all Disney news all right so the Disney destinations travel company just released this announcement yesterday this new policy will go into effect starting February 27th 2019 and I'm going to read to you what Disney shared with us beginning the 27th of February in 2019 while Disney World Resort Hotels will have a new payment card policy for guests who wish to put a payment card on file that better aligns with hotel industry practices under the new policy Disney Resort Hotels will place incremental authorization holds on the card for estimated incidental expenses in addition to any balance due on the reservation guests have the options of not putting a credit card on file but they will be unable to charge to their rooms or magic bands this is for guests staying on Disney property guests will be advised of the payment card policy during online check-in through their mind as the experience account or at the front desk when they do check in to their Resort Hotel so any guests that have already completed their online check-in if they've done that already they'll be getting some notification from Disney so that is the two short paragraphs from Disney that they just released but this caused a lot of questions in clients consumers, travel agents so we got some answers so the terminology incremental authorization holds is very vague so from further digging that incremental hold will be $100 holds so Disney is going to put a $100 hold on the credit card on file and should you use your magic band and you make a purchase above that $100 Disney will then put an additional hold of $100 on your credit card you will only be charged for what you purchased so if you purchased five hundred and sixty three dollars for your entire vacation on dining or souvenirs or snacks on your magic band that is all that your credit card is going to be charged that is something that's very important to know I know a lot of a lot of I'm reading a lot of buzz and people are very up in arms and saying I'm going to cancel my trip (not my clients mind you) but you can read some interesting boards out there a lot of people are super super concerned about this the reality is you need to be educated and know you are not going to be charged any more money than you charged using your magic band so if you have a $600 hold because you've charged 563 dollars you're not getting charged $600 they're not going to charge that hold it's a hold that means they want to make sure you have that money in your you know you have access to that money so that's not something you need to worry about you're not going to be charged for money that you did not spend that's first and foremost the Disney destination company wrote guests will be charged only for what they actually spent and any authorization holds in excess of the balance due will be released so don't worry about that again you had you know a $600 hold for that 563 dollar purchase that you made using your magic band you're only being charged for what you paid for not for the hold okay that's important to know I liked this answer so Disney also answered this under the new policy on the day of arrival resort hotels will place an authorization hold on the card for any balance due on their reservation plus $100 for estimated incidental expenses if guests spending exceeds the original $100 hold additional incremental holds will be obtained automatically the authorization holds on the card will not exceed the current balance due plus $100 the reality is this a lot of hotels do this this is not something new however it is something new for Disney and that's why they are notifying their guests they are notifying their travel agents they're notifying their clients and I am notifying you as a travel agency owner something else to note a lot of people like to pay for their Magic Band charges on a Disney gift card let me answer this for you is this still able to be done yes it is you would still have to put a credit card on file to be able to use your Magic Band for you to be able to do this however it is very important for you to understand that if you want to use Disney gift cards to pay for your balance of what you've charged you need to pay for that the day before you check out of the hotel because if you wait until the day you check out they may have already charged your credit card on file you want to go to the front desk the day before you check out ask to see the charges on file and then present your any gift cards and pay for it that way that's the way you can use a Disney gift card to pay off your balance on your whatever charges you made now mind you your credit card will still be placing these holds but nothing is taken out nothing is actually charged on your credit card if you do this the day before okay the day before checkout that's the way to get around using a Disney gift card to pay for the balances on any purchases you made on your Magic Man I should really have a Magic Band on then it doesn't look like I'm holding my wrist number three if clients do not want to put a credit card on file you will they will not be able to use a Magic Band to place charges your magic bans will still work as your park ticket your magic bands will still work as your room hotel key key door opener etc but you will not be able to use your Magic Band to pay for things like souvenirs or dinners or snacks in the parks that's the only thing it won't do so you do have an option to not put a credit card on file that is absolutely your option but no with this new policy change if you do put one on file you will have a $100 hold and incremental $100 holds if you go above that first $100 if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out in the comments section below I will try my best today and tomorrow to answer your questions I know a lot of people have questions tell me what your thoughts are do you care do you not care what do you think about this new policy change again this is not uncommon this is just new to Walt Disney World other hotels do place holds not charges they place holds on credit cards to protect themselves to protect themselves and that's that is why my guess why Disney is doing this themselves let me know in the comments what your thoughts are and I will be in touch with you soon with more Disney news for you have a great day and I'll see you in my next Disney video quarrel do I travel a touch of magic sharing joy and sharing Disney news bye guys