Meet Crystal, she called me. She is a Criminal Credit Card Thief. This is what happened.

This call is now being recorded can help you Yes

I was calling cuz I was online Yes can help you? ahm is this is this I seen your number where it says buy a credit card numbers Is that what you are interested in doing is buying a credit card number Huh? You are interested in buying a credit card number Yes Okay, you have a PayPal account? No I have to buy I have to buy some of the Bitcoin How about your debit card account with a bank if you give us your debit card number we can charge your debit card number He say do we have some debit card number Hello Yeah, you have a debit card number Yes, I have one of those Okay Give us your debit card number will charge your bank account It's not a bank account is a prepaid card I don't have a bank account I have a prepaid card and I have to see if I have some bitcoins I'm recalling I had this on big horns Because I was trying to find a website online They do us the same things and I ran across your number Okay, give us your ride prepaid card number we'll charge that card Okay, hold on one second And all these are are this are this ahm, what what kind of credit card will be be? We have a Visa MasterCard American Express with $5,000 limit Oh thats not bad thats not bad OK, hold on one moment Well charge your prepaid card $100, okay And when I when will I get this credit card number and we would like it your own credit card we could text it to you And you sure it's going to work If it doesn't we'll give you your money back, okay? Then not do in the number is 40 39 Yeah Nine five nine eight Yes 2276 Yeah Three seven seven one Yeah and expiration date 0 two 22 CVV code? 8 3 7 Okay, and what's your mobile phones that we can text you the card number? My mobile numberis six seven eight Four nine nine nine nine five zero and name is it appears on the card Crystal Yeah Peyton All right

Great, do you have an email address ha do you have an email address Don't have email No Okay Alright Just wait for the text will let you know Huh? I said just wait for the text, we'll let you know How how long do I have to wait on the text

It should be about 15 minutes Okay Thank you