MCO Token and Visa Card Supporter Still Alive

Is it the end of your world if CRYPTOcom doesn't deliver

and also, would you agree that you've aged more than any man should in less than a year? Man Tell me the truth Yeah I'm gonna, I- But if I tell the truth, I risk more humiliation I'm already a CRYPTOcom Discord GIF :aheeeeeeeeee: I both hate and love that community

Get ahold of yourself, get ahold of yourself You want the truth? I don't even slee- Nah, you, no You have no idea what we've been through I don't sleep because your laugh haunts my- Come on the one that doesn't sleep is me! And why aren't you sleeping then? 'cause Monaco, I mean MCO, I mean CRYPTOcom could actually deliver They could launch cards and launch me to the moon any moment

ayay and the rare times I do sleep, I'm disturbed by bad dreams But, are you asleep thinking thinking wen cards and the imminent end of your world? No I don't think about that No, II I dream of little talking lobster rolls I'm apprehensive how long you'll stay 'believe', before your world comes to an end, how long? The earth can open and swallow me whole if cards don't The earth can open and sw- The earth will open soon oh f#%k Sorry this happens when I say 'soon' No it's okay I do know how that word has hurt you But, are you prepared for the end of your world? Again with this? You're tryin' to scare me into selling? No, but With the end of my world, end of my world Listen, drop it man

come on, talk to me next spring If I'm on this planet next spring