Lost my credit card and THIS CRAZY THING happened 😱

Hi everybody this is Lara Today I decided to film the video Just five minutes ago because I just noticed that I lost my credit card but something really funny happened I lost it and I found it um here's what happened I was editing my YouTube video in Starbucks which is near to my house and I had to go to Seoul to see my friend which takes more than one in half an hour so I needed to come back home and get ready and start my travel to Seoul to see my friend so I was in a hurry so I grabbed my laptop and I left Starbucks as soon as I came back home here I changed my clothes and I was doing what I had to do and suddenly I got a phone call here's the thing Um the time that I left Starbucks is here because I texted my boyfriend it's 3:12 pm

and I've got a phone call athere I don't think you can see but it was 3:20 here about 8 minutes later I've got a phone call and it was a missed call but the caller was the card company that I use I was thinking this is so weird and I called them back and they said someone in Starbucks found my card and she gave it to the Starbucks worker and the Starbucks worker made a phone call to the card company and the card company called me to let me know that I lost my card so it means just within that eight minutes, coming back from Starbucks to my house some found my card and she gave it to the Starbucks worker and the Starbucks worker made a phone call to the card company and the card company made a phone call to me and I didn't even know I lost my card so I'm very happy that I have to go back to Starbucks and find my card again but it's really it's really funny that I didn't even know I lost my card and then someone found my card so someone called me to let me know "you lost your card, idiot" thank you so much and I will go to Starbucks to get my card yeah I think this is a really good thing about Korea as you know I lived in many countries and in those countries this kind of thing never happened to me and to my friends whenever they lost their phones, cards or whatever the belongings those never came back but in Korea it always come back and even though you don't notice that you lost it you can find it so I think it's a really amazing thing so I decided to share this news with you and also let you know that I'm an idiot let's go to find my card back I might need to hurry but

Let me show you my outfit first today's air condition is also very bad so I need to wear the mask and my hair is red, my jacket is red and my shoes is gonna be the red too lets go to the world to find my card Called my mom to tell her how stupid I am Hello mom I was an idiot just now Someone called me when I just got back home and he said "someone contacted us saying she found your credit card" so I said "I don't think I lost my credit card" and he said "No you lost it Didn't you go to Starbucks today? Please check if you have a card

" So I checked and I didnt' have it! Then he said, "Please don't worry Someone already found your card and it's in Starbucks now" So I'm going again to Starbucks now Isn't it funny? I didn't know I lost it and they already found it in 5 minutes Starbucks arrived! Hi I was told that my card is here The credit card? Please come this side What brand is your credit card? It's XXX So is this your card? Yes it is! Thank you so much! FOUND IT! Thankfully I found my card~ Korea is such a good place! Don't be worried too much even if you lose your credit card in Korea Go back to the place you went! It's likely that yours is still there Don't be a fool like me Keep your belongings close to you Bye bye~!