(Radio playing) LisaD Just got her first- credit card She's excited Yeah, don't show the numbers hahaha She's happy y'all She just got her first credit card And she's So happy she doesn't know what to do Proud of her, she does great work She just has a good income She finally qualified for her first Credit card y'all in her name in her name by her own self She applied she has a BPI credit card Now she's gonna go credit crazy hahaha She's gonna charge up on the card no she I've taught her how to be responsible with credit So she's gonna do well Lisa D Lisa D? Hi Tell the people how you like your credit card How what? Tell the people if you like your credit card Okay She'sTrying to turn the music off you like your credit card? Yes i like And what's the first thing you're gonna buy on the card? House and lot hahaha She said a house a lot y'all guess what? we already got a House and lot she does her credit card limit is fifteen thousand pesos and she has a credit cash advance limit as well and she's happy and she's gonna be charging on it once a month to build a credit history and Then she's gonna be paying it off in cash because she she doesn't want to be in debt But if you have a credit card if you use it responsibly Uh, It's a good thing, but if you use it irresponsibly it is not a good thing That's it for now guys

This is BobbieD and LisaD Saying take care and God bless and Peace! hehe