Kredi Kartı Borcu Olanlara Müjde! Dar Gelirlinin Elektrik Faturası Devletten!

Credit card debts will be structured President Erdoğan said, Cumhurbaşkanı We provide the opportunity for those who have difficulty in paying their credit card debt to pay their current debts

The debt of the citizen, who is in difficulty with payment through Ziraat Bank, will be collected under one roof Ziraat will withdraw debt with debt to draw He will pay this debt in line with his monthly income Aylık Whether the application starts immediately or not is curious In addition, President Erdoğan announced that the insurance premium incentive application has increased five points to three points for insured employment

ELECTRICITY INVOICE OF THE REVENUE Regular social assistance will meet the state 80 TL monthly electricity bills 1 MILLION CELEBRATION PAYMENT According to the latest data of the Banks Association of Turkey-2018 July 2017 Risk Center could not pay the credit card debt of over 1 million citizens from July INTEREST WILL BE BELLI The credit card debt restructuring interest will be 110 percent by 24 months, 120 percent by 60 months

Ziraat Bank currently had a 235 percent interest in 24 months to attract the need loans