iPhone X Plus details, an Apple Pay credit card, iPhone SE 2 pictures

iPhone X Plus details, an Apple Pay credit card, iPhone SE 2 pictures In this week’s top stories: New iPhone X Plus details, iPhone SE 2 leaks continue, Apple wins a round-face watch patent, and more Read on for all of this week’s top stories…This week, a supply chain report suggested that this year’s ‘iPhone X Plus’ will be roughly the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus

This is despite the screen size difference, with the iPhone 8 Plus sitting at 55-inches and the iPhone X Plus expected to be 65-inches Furthermore, that same report suggested that iOS 12 will add support for horizontal Face ID Currently, Face ID is limited to working only in portrait mode

This change is likely to be a major improvement when the facial recognition technology comes to iPad In addition to new iPhone X Plus details, this week was also abound with iPhone SE 2 speculation A pair of questionable leaks suggested that the device will adopt an iPhone X-like notch design, with the same body as the original iPhone SE Apple recently was granted a patent for a round-face Apple Watch design, suggesting that it was not necessarily a rejected design Notably, Apple filed for this patent 8 months after the initial Apple Watch was released – perhaps suggesting (or not suggesting) the idea isn’t dead just yet

A Wall Street Journal report suggested on Thursday that Apple is partnering with Goldman Sachs to introduce an Apple Pay branded credit card early next year While Apple currently partners with Barclays for an Apple Rewards card, this one is expected to be more lucrative for customers Finally, the latest Unicode text handling flaw emerged this week – representing a way to crash iPhones and iPads by sending a simple emoji