Inquiry BOMB

hey this is Janos credit back in 2019 with the first video of 2019 I will be releasing videos for the next 30 days I'll be releasing two videos one every three days so look out for that make sure you put your alerts on so I have some great information for you all right here we go this is the Jay Knows Credit inquiry bomb angry removal service what we're gonna go over here is just what information you need to go ahead and start if you want us to get rid of all of your enquiries now this increased service will remove all of your enquiries within about two weeks two sick 60 days okay so I want everybody that you know make sure you understand this between two weeks and 60 days so two weeks is the fastest it can happen I've seen it happen within two to three days it's been doing some back testing with it so first of all what you need first of course is a credit monitoring service you don't have to have experience but if you plan on doing any other things with the jános credit team we will need you to have experience just because we make things a whole lot easier if we just have one login but you can have Credit Karma for your Equifax and TransUnion but of course people need something from Experian for us to be able to see your experience of – if you want those experience increase taken off your profile now what you want to do when you're ready to sign up there'll be a link in the description make sure you go down if you don't know how to get to the description there should be a gray triangle- you touch on that or click on it and it should give you the description this will be a hyperlink in the description should be the first one that you see okay you'll see this jay knows credit inquiry bomb here this is why I went over earlier remove all injuries within as little as two weeks maximum 60 days okay hit the start button alright really important fill out all information in this entirety please only go to the next page if you are ready to get started today okay okay now being ready to get started today means that you already ready financially because these inquiry removals even if you look at this in the next year or two at this video will be a maximum of fifty dollars that's the maximum it'll be to remove your increase so just in your head and make sure if you want to ink remover if it's all in all three credit bureaus is still three separate enquiries okay so that's going to be $150 if you have it on all three bureaus okay if you want to move with off one gonna be $50 or possibly less okay so I just want you to understand that now what you gonna do you're gonna enter your full name you know uh let's see Jesse Thompson your phone number seven eight three eight seven six two three nine eight your email address info @ J those creditcom next into your email address okay plenty of self-explanatory right nothing you haven't seen before just simple you know data entry Ron's WIC Jersey okay to seven something like that United States there we go total number of increases and this is how many that you personally want removed alright right now I'm doing a special where it's $40 per inquiry special it's gonna be ending soon right now and doing this record attack season so please make sure you get started as soon as you can and discounts can be even lower than that if you have a lot of inquiries a large amount so I'll be able to know if you have a large amount based on the number that you put here okay so there's a drop down menu so there's no question about how many you have you got 61 but 61 that's how many you want remove if you're not sure if you love into your profile and see how many you have okay that's you weren't removed okay now this is specific so if you want to get all your increase removed go ahead and just type all here that way I can go to your profile I can log into it because of course you have to send me your login information of course for whatever program you're using to monitor your credit that way I can go in there and remove those things so if you just want certain ones removed if you do this want Equifax for example you can type in only Equifax and then you put that number of how many you have on Equifax okay or if you just want five out of your Equifax ten because you have ten inquiries you want five removed only then you can also type in five inquiries and then type in the names of those five inquiries that way there's no confusion alright next thing now here we have to have an ID driver's license passport of course in order to get these things from the credit port we just have to verify your information with the credit grill in order to get it removed all right you have to submit your social security card here that's gonna be uploaded to us and email to us that way we can submit this with your file now I'm get people hitting me up about this well I don't want to submit my social security number or my card well okay the services are for you I cannot make you I mean it's your personal information I can't make you send us in to us but in order for us to verify your identity with the credit bureaus we have to know your social security number and we have to submit it with this form as well your ID and a bank statement or bill that's in your name at your current address that's how they verify your identity if anybody knows about identity verifications even though even online they're gonna actually questions like you know what was your last payment on this card or other acts you if you had a car in 2007 what kind of car was it and things like that when we send information in on your behalf to get things taking off we're gonna need to prove to the credit bureaus that you are this person okay now you will be receiving the letters in the mail nothing will come to me personally everything will come straight to you showing you all the papers that are removed okay so there'll be no thing there but you'll probably know a lot sooner than the mail because you'll get a update on your credit report and alert showing what has already come off inquiry wise all right so hopefully everyone Durr stands this page all right preferred payment method all right so you can hit this drop down list you can use L or Zelly have you ever found a different Google pay Apple pay are you can do a bank deposit or you cash out there are no credit card payments for this people like to pay and try to request your money back and we don't want to have no problems with that and all of that okay so you have to pay this through a regular payment something that cannot be back charged all right very important for us to get that and that way everything submitted there'll be no problems once to submit it it's coming off immediately so there are no payment plans for this as well it's all paid at one time so if you want everything done get everything done if you want one euro at a time you can get one period of time all right totally up to you all right here we have to provide your credit margin in username and password so please please make sure there's no typos in it you just put everything here and that way we can go ahead and level to your profile and get everything started all right and once you submit on that previous page once you submit the payment process that you would like preferred then I will send you a payment request from that like if you have zel I'll send you the request to that email or if you uh if I send you an email you might say you have a different number you want to use for Zil or you might say bank deposit I'll give you the number for you to go make the deposit for that for the in Career Service alright so here there you go right there you'll be contacted on how to submit your payment thanks for your submission look forward to helping your credit all right so that'll be the information you will submit it and then BAM I will get the email we can go ahead and start it taking care of your credit increase now you have any questions you can definitely send your questions to enquiry that's inquiry I NQ u iry at RTI group consulting comm I will have that email address also in this in this video as well trying to make it as seamless as possible for everybody to do this without having a lot of hiccups you know trying to answer all your questions in this video but if you have any additional questions please send them to that email address you can also send it to info at our tech consulting comm as well but you'll see another video here in the next three days maybe even sooner but it'll definitely be up within the next three days with some more information on how everyone get your credit right in 2019 so get ready god bless you and god bless your finances