How to use your Wells Fargo card with your preferred mobile wallet

START CARD How to use your mobile wallet [Music playing] [Disclosure: screen images simulated] >> CASHIER: Here’s your small coffee, that’ll be $249

>> HAYDEN: Thanks! >> CASHIER: Perfect, thanks! >> HAYDEN: See ya! >> RORY: Excuse me… Hi, what was that? That was so quick >> HAYDEN: Huh? >> RORY: What you just did… what was that? >> HAYDEN: Oh, you mean this? >> RORY:Yeah, that! >> HAYDEN: That is a convenient way to tap and pay with your phone >> RORY: Large iced hazelnut macchiato, please! Thank you! >> RORY: Tell me more >> HAYDEN: See this symbol? >> RORY: Mmm-hmm >> HAYDEN: Anytime I see it, I know that I can tap and pay

>> RORY: I want to do that How can I do that? >> HAYDEN: Easy Just use your smartphone to add your Wells Fargo card to your preferred mobile wallet >> RORY: Okay, adding my card [Disclosure: actions simulated] >> HAYDEN: Then when it’s time to pay, just hold your smartphone over the terminal like this >> RORY: Huh! >> HAYDEN: And that’s how it’s done >> CASHIER: Here’s your large iced macchiato

>> RORY: Thank you! >> CASHIER: That’ll be $379 >> CASHIER: Got it! >> RORY: That is awesome! Thanks! >> HAYDEN: No problem! [Music] END CARD [WF logo] + Pay with your Wells Fargo card and preferred mobile wallet today ©2018 Wells Fargo Bank, NA

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