How To Use Credit Cards

Alright, so I talked to Kris into doing another video here, we're gonna talk about credit cards – my perspective and Kris' perspective We're in the linemen now but we didn't have the same same path with debt

This video is sponsored by MyFirstVAcom In fact, that's where we found the virtual assistants that edited this video I'll surf through more details about that in a moment but now let me send you back to Kris Kris, you talked a lot about debt and how that is such a good thing

Oh my gosh, I'm so in love with debt I feel like that if I could marry debt, I would totally I fully understand that now but I come from our backgrounds, they've got a handful of all these credit cards and team, you know, blur out the numbers that are showing there but when I first learned about debt and building credit, I knew the credit was a good thing so I got some credit cards but I used these credit cards very irresponsibly and I got myself over $20,000 in debt as a college student Yeah, I'm trying to become a responsible adult citizen, a contributing member of society I mean, one thing that I did and then and I don't want to hear some of your take on this is as I thought I had enough money from a summer sales dump that I could have bought my car, it was $8,000 that I found this guy was going to buy and I could have bought it with cash but I thought I'm going to put half of it on credit card so that I can build my credit right and then I ended up just buying ahead of money that I actually had because I had all this credit, they can't give me more more and more so anyway, I wanted you to talk to our audience, those about a younger audience who's in this phase of building credit

Listen, I don't care how old you are, it is so important to develop your credit You need to get at least three different credit cards I don't care if the consignment or they're only good for up to 100 or five hundred dollars, that's not what's important Your credit is an asset and you never know when you're gonna use it I obviously show people all day long how to do deals that don't take credit but once in a while, deals do take credit or it can be an advantage to have good credit so you gotta establish it which means you need credit cards however, if you can't use them responsibly, I'd prefer you to cut them up and not have them in the first place so these are some of the rules, Nate, that now for young people that I really give them when it comes to establishing your credit is I only want you to spend a couple hundred bucks a month on things that you would pay for anyway with a debit card and all you're gonna do is put it on a credit card and then at the end of the month, you're gonna pay it off with the debit card

Now there are some people that will argue that you should keep a certain balance of debt to show responsibility Listen Your credit is gonna increase it, it's gonna go up if you're just paying it off It could technically go up a little higher if instead of just paying it off you were keeping a little bit of debt on there, here's the bottom line

Once you start tapping more than 30% of what's available and keeping it over that mark, your credit is gonna get hurt The banks are gonna say, dude, they're not responsible to credit, they just know how to rack it up and they don't know how to pay it off Am I supposed to max out my credit card? Absolutely, 100% heck no So what I'm telling you is get credit cards, get at least three

I don't care what kinds they are because all we're trying to do is improve your credit score so the bank will say you're worthy of this or worthy of that now if you ever get into this situation where you're watching this you're like, well I got bad credit Do credit repair but don't let your credit hold you back from the next best deal that's going on out there because 95% of the deals I do, I'm just not using my credit but in the beginning before people will partner with you and believe in you, you got to put your own stuff online, you got to put your own skin in the game and credit is a great way to do that so now I just have to say, Nate, because they're like, what does Kris mean that he's in love with debt, if debt was a woman he would marry it make it his wife what I mean by that is that there's two types of debt there's a good debt in a bad debt so like what Nate was talking about was racking up twenty thousand dollars of what's called consumer debt or he mentions a car The cars of consumer debt and here's how you know if it's a good debt or a bad debt, here's the litmus test Does it make money or cost money? If I buy a car then it costs me money but if I buy a car from a dealer at wholesale and I resell it for $2,000 more then it's an asset so the question is, does it make you money and if it's not making you money then all you're doing is creating trouble for yourself, the liability that you just really frankly you don't want to have You want to stay as far out of consumer debt as possible

Do not tolerate it, do not have it, just use it short term in small amounts over time to tell banks, hey, I'm responsible for credit So just to kind of summarize this with a simple question or two, if I had own credit card that's got a thousand dollar limit, I should take it to about 30% of that so I use about $300,000 of that? Nope, I'm just saying you should never go over thirty percent of it That doesn't mean use thirty percent of it, it just means don't hang on to a balance more than that If you want to use one, two, three or even four or five hundred dollars but it gets paid off at the end of the month, you're good Yes, you're paying it down to zero at the end of every month

I'm telling you to pay it down to zero at the end of the month so that you don't get advice like you did, you're like, I'm being responsible getting credit cards and with just a little bit of advice you find yourself quickly buying more than you can bite off and I'm just saying, just only spend it on stuff you can pay off But what if I've spent everything on my paycheck? Okay, my credit card now has a balance of zero so I've got $1,000 of credit and then something shiny appears and think, well, I just buy it now and I'll get more money, I'll pay it down Nope, if you cannot pay for it with your normal income from your bills, do not buy it and do not do forward thinking Do not be like, I'm sure my next next summer I'm going to make a lot of money in summer sales Don't spend money you don't have, that's the worst habit thing you can get into

I bring it up because that's really what I did Obviously I'm gonna do so good this next summer so We've all done it, we all get it, we all understand it

I'm building out my credit, taking my mentor's advice, getting free cards and paying him off within 14 months, I actually was credit worthy just barely to a bank so that I could actually get my first home and as you all know, that changed, my entire history changed, everything No one was gonna bet on a dumb college kid but I bet on myself and I'm glad my mentor had me get my credit in shape so that I couldn't make a bet on me and get a bank to take it better because when I partner with someone, it's just like a different bank except I think that it's easier than a bank Banks are freakin' difficult to work with My SBA loan for my commercial deal took six months, every I cross every teen if we see something we don't like we don't like the color your panties, we're gonna deny you and get upset at you so like, I hate that but we got to live with the banking world, it's part of getting where we want to go On the other hand, I partner with people that are way less picky the banks

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Thanks for watching this video here and Nate, thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your advice on how to not use credit cards and what you've learned about now using them in a rockstar way I basically use them for business and making money or you can use them to get yourself financially in a lot of pain of hurt, don't do that and make sure you guys subscribe, ring the bell, we'll keep more this financial knowledge and genius coming your way