How to Use Credit Cards to Earn a Free Trip |

Wouldn't it be nice if you could plan a vacation to a place you've always wanted to go for fun, sun and some much-needed rest and relaxation – and not have to pay anything out of pocket? Well, guess what! If you play your cards right – and I mean your credit cards – you absolutely can! Let's dig in and learn how First thing's first: You gotta do your research! Start with travel cards that offer a rewards program for the best shot at a free trip

These cards can be offered by banks, airlines, hotels or even cruise lines and most will reward you with points or miles to put towards a future travel purchase Think about your spending and figure out where most of your dollars are going each month This will help you find the right card to reap the most rewards while spending the least amount of money You should also be sure to factor in any annual fees to make sure that the points or miles you'll rack up will more than offset that If you're lucky, you might find some cards with no annual fee or at least none for the first year

And if you do sign on for a card with an annual fee, you might even score other bonuses to help offset that cost Speaking of bonuses, some travel rewards cards will offer a signup bonus when your application is approved We've seen up to $600 in signup bonuses so obviously, this can be a big incentive to find a card with this feature Make sure to stay diligent with your research, of course as you'll want to be aware of any requirements, like traveling on certain airlines or staying at certain hotels Other cards can require you to use your points or miles within certain date ranges too

Travel rewards can also have promotions that reward you for specific activities You can stack these rewards to better position yourself for that free trip! Remember, by picking a card that suits your lifestyle, you'll earn reward points or miles much faster So, pay attention and take advantage of these offers whenever possible Best of luck in your search we sure hope you're on a beach somewhere – or wherever you like thanks to the rewards of a quality credit card real soon! Thanks for watching! For more credit– and finance-related information, be sure to bookmark CardGurucom