How To Use A Credit Card Without Debt Using Debitize

How would you like a way to be able to use a credit card and reap the cash rewards without actually going in today I should probably also mention that you'll get a free ten dollars just for trying it but more about that later on in the video Dude, I'm all wet My nipples are wet gosh

Darn it you stop drinking water You hear from some people to never use credit cards, they say to cut them up and throw them out I Agree with this statement up until a certain point if you're responsible with your money Then why can't you use a credit card and not feel guilty? About it with the amount of money you get back from different rewards You're leaving so much cash on the table if you pay the balance off by the end of every month I make at least $600 per year in cash back rewards by using my credit card Will that $600 per year make or break my wealth? Probably not but I'm currently investing that extra money back into index funds in 30 years I expect that money to be worth fifty six Thousand dollars I don't know about you, but I sure could use an extra fifty six thousand dollars in my pocket I wonder how many vacations I'd be able to take with 56 thousand dollars But I also wonder how many vacations I can't take without 56 thousand dollars Oh, I know none who wouldn't like to get a little better with their money and make some money in the process Well, if you were in the camp that is totally against credit cards then I found something that you may want to stick around to hear about people put the scissors down and slowly walk away from them until you've finished watching this video, please even if you aren't against using credit cards You may want to listen up as well in this video I'm going to show you a way to be forced to use a credit card responsibly We'll go over what this thing is how to set up an account how to use it how they prevent you from Charging your credit card with money that you don't have Over drafting how it works and I'll give you my feedback from testing this product and I'll of course let you know what you have To do to get that free money Hey I'm Jared from debt free blueprint ratio Intelligent people like you how to get out of debt and create freedom through your finances using the debt free blueprint Don't forget to smash that thumbs up button and leave a comment down below and let me know what your thoughts are on this solution If you want more personal finance videos hit that subscribe button and notification bellow

So YouTube knows to deliver them to you Let me introduce to you an app called debet eyes what yes debet eyes Let me explain it in jared terms Have you ever been bullied and noticed those bowling bumpers and the lanes were kids bulk? Wow, I just used Bowl in a sentence three times Hopefully that made sense Debbye Tizen is just like that except for your credit card It is a way for you to charge things to your credit card but only with money that you actually have in your checking accounts on top of that daba ties will actually Automatically pay your credit card off for you every single month Wait, what what people have a seat because you did hear me correctly? Now when I heard about debet eyes I was extremely Skeptical because I usually am this thing sounds like the ultimate way to not only get credit card rewards but also build your credit in the process before I even thought about Mentioning it to you in a video like this I had to test it out for myself I take things I recommend to you very seriously You are my people so I refuse to put any product and/or service in front of you that I have not used I Wouldn't use that isn't going to help you or improve your life in some sorta way I can tell you that debet eyes is everything I hoped for and then some so, how do you set up an account? Deputise has made it extremely easy to set up an account and start using the service right away It took me about 10 to 15 minutes from start to finish it actually probably took me a little longer since I was Documenting the process for this video in case it was something that I wanted to recommend to you You'll first want to enter in the credit card number that you want to debit eyes This will be your actual credit card number Then you'll link the check-in account where the money should be withdrawn from This is easily done by logging into your bank account Through their app as you can see it looks like you can do this with all major banks and many smaller ones as well You can even link it to your online bank account like Ally Which is one of the banks that we talked about in the emergency fund video that I released Link to that one is in the description You'll select the checking account that you'd like to use when paying your credit card off then you'll go through additional Security questions that they need to ask due to federal regulations

This isn't a big deal at all from there You'll be able to access the app to see the details of your account later in this video I'll show you an example of what the app What looks like once you have all the accounts set up so you can better understand what the heck all of these numbers mean one of the first issues I saw that could pop up is what happens if I have $500 in my checking account and charge $600 to my credit card Well that overdraft my account the simple answer is no it won't that is impossible to do for two different reasons number one deputise is Constantly monitoring the funds available within your checking account and how much you've charged to your credit card The second way they prevent this is by allowing you to set a minimum balance for example If I set my minimum balance to $100 NABBA ties will not allow me to charge anything to my credit card once I have $100 left in my checking account We were able to choose the amount for the minimum balance I have mine set at $20 because I know my checking account will never even be close to running that low on money now Let's get into how debet eyes can help you stay out of credit card debt once you have an account set up you purchase things Like you normally do with your credit card Let's say that you buy $100 worth of doughnuts Once you charge that amount to your credit card debit eyes will automatically withdraw that $100 from your checking account They do this daily deputies will then take that $100 and deposit it into a new bank account They create for you called debbye ties reserve one thing to note Is that even though this money isn't a new account you have full access to it You still have the ability to move this money back into your original? checking account if you want to but be aware that deputies uses this reserve account to pay your credit card bill, so I highly recommend Removing this as an option in your mind To make the money a little more difficult for you to get to they do mention that it will take two to three business days To process a withdrawal from this Devitt eyes Reserve account They also mention that for security and compliance reasons They're required to hold that deposited money for four business days I actually think that this is great It prevents you from taking advantage of this amazing credit card debt solution finally debet eyes will Automatically pay off your credit card about one week before it's due with the funds that they've deposited into your reserve account This is free of charge I also want to mention that they do have an option where you pay $7

99 per month to then pay your credit card balance off every single week as Opposed to the free service where they pay it off once a month You definitely don't need this extra service So don't feel like you have to sign up for it So how do you know how much money you charged to your credit card as you can see in this screenshot? The app gives me a constant update of how much is actually in my checking account How much money they plan on withdrawing from my debet iSight account and how much will be? Available for me to use once that money is withdrawn For my account to be paid towards the charges I made on my credit card You also get a constant feed of all of your purchases Which is super helpful to get a free ten dollars directly from deputies All you have to do is use the link in the description of this video to activate your deputies account by signing up linking your credit card and bank accounts Then you have to have at least five automated debbye ties to withdrawals All this means is that you need to have five different? Charges to your credit card where they withdraw the money from your checking account then move it to your deputies Reserve account once you do this you will receive ten dollars and so will I No strings attached you do not have to sign up for that paid service Nothing like that as you can probably tell from watching this video I love this solution so much the benefits you get from Signing up and using it are off the charts sign up to get on the money management course waiting list link is in the description make sure to smash that thumbs up button and pick up your free copy of the debt free prep workbook hit that subscribe button and Notification bell to get more personal finance videos just like this so we can start getting you to a point where you are financially Free I'll see you in the next one friends Adios