How to setup PAYPAL ACCOUNT? Receive and send money without credit card!

Hello, this is Aiza Mercado Before we start, please do like this video and if this is your first time on my Youtube Channel, consider SUBSCRIBING Due to public demand, this video will show you how to get and create your PAYPAL ACCOUNT

Do you want to earn extra money online? Just click the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON and the bell as well, to get notified for my next videos where we can all earn extra money online What does Paypal do? Most of online job or online earnings they use Paypal for sending payments Basically, Paypal can be use in international and world wide thats why they use this as their mode of payment so they can send money all around the world Alright, lets start! First thing to do, check the video description for the link or simply go to wwwpaypal

com Just click sign up and you will see 2 options here Its either BUY WITH PAYPAL or RECEIVE PAYMENTS with PAYPAL The difference between this 2 options is that this Buy with Paypal, this will be your PERSONAL ACCOUNT and this Recieve Payments with Paypal, this will be your BUSINESS ACCOUNT So here in Buy with Paypal you will have low transaction fee in withdrawals and here in business account or receive payments with paypal you will have your monthly fee because you will use their platform as your business payment method So for us, we are only using this for online earnings we will select Buy with Paypal

Just fill up this form Use your personal email address because most of online earnings, they only asked for your paypal email address as your paypal information Once done filling up, click next

Enter your date of birth, nationality, identification type, you will have 3 categories in identification type its either Driver's license, National ID and Passport So if you do not have Drivers License or Passport just select National ID Because they accept any government issued ID Like for example: SSS, GSIS, Pag-ibig, PhilHealth and etc If you have any government issued ID maybe they will consider that as a National ID And enter your mobile number for security purposes

Once done filling up just check this 2 boxes and proceed to agree and create account Next, you can click the "get started" and "try it now" Here in get started you dont have to link your credit or debit card Just click "I'll do it later" Do the captcha

There you go, this will be your dashboard and all you have to do is to confirm your email address Confirm your mobile number too using the number you entered upon registration And as you can see in your Paypal Balance you can monitor your currency or your money

Then here in recent activities you can monitor the in and outs of your paypal history And if you want to connect your Paypal to your ATM or any local banks just click "Banks and Cards" "Add a bank or card" Then click this LINK TO BANK ACCOUNT Okay so here, be careful when entering your details The name registered on your Paypal account must match the name registered on your bank account

Then the bank name enter the bank name indicated in your ATM For bank codes, click this "link of bank codes" Here are the list of banks here in the Philippines, For example, Land bank of the Philippines Union bank, Security bank, and this Banco De Oro If you selected Banco de oro just copy this code then paste it right here So alright, then your account number What enters in account number should be the same as re-enter your account number so its like copy and paste Alright, so if you want to transfer your paypal to gcash to coins,ph i already made a video before regarding how to transfer paypal to coinsph SEE VIDEO DESCRIPTION where to watch that video Here in Paypal you don't need to have credit card for you to withdraw your money What i do is im using Paypal then transfer to my bank account or im using paypal to transfer to gcash and to my coins ph account

So guys, if you have any idea or ways how we can withdraw our money here in Paypal my comment box is open for your thoughts and ideas Then about the Send and Request here you can send and request paypal balance to other users as well Well basically, when you're about to send money to your friends or family just enter their email address or their account name in Paypal Thank you again for watching, if this video helped you setup your Paypal account hit the like button! Also, SUBSCRIBE now to my Youtube and Telegram Channel This is Aiza Mercado again and have a great day!