How to Redeen an Amazon Gift Card – Add Gift Card Money Buy on Amazon Without Credit Card

Amazon Gift Cards have become a standard gift for many occasions and you're probably watching this because either you or somebody you know just received one And today I'm going to show you how to redeem it and put money in your Amazon account

So have your card or code that was emailed to you handy before you start Now log into your profile on Amazoncom and click on Your Account Now click on the Gift Cards button Here simply click on Redeem a Gift Card

In the window type in or paste the gift card code And before you redeem it, you can click on Check to see how much is on the gift card if you don't know how much was given to you This one has $10 on it By checking the gift card, you can decide to redeem the card for yourself or cancel out and you could re-gift the card if you want by giving the card or code to someone else But to redeem this code for yourself, click on Apply to Your Balance

On the next page, you'll get confirmation that money has been added to your Amazon account If you have more than one gift card, you can add it now by clicking on Redeem Another Gift Card Again type or paste the gift card code in the box I'm going to check the card amount again before redeeming This one has $5 on it

Click on Apply to Your Balance And now the $5 has been added to my previous balance for a total of $15 to use on any purchases Now I can start adding items to my cart and make my purchases using the gift card funds! I hope you found this video helpful and if you did please give me a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel TheRenderQ for more how-to videos and product reviews