How to Recognize a Credit Card Debt Problem

How to Recognize a Credit Card Debt Problem It can be tough to recognize when you're in trouble with debt, and finding the best way to deal with credit card debt isn't always easy it can be a short leap from financial stability to financial distress thanks to things like your credit cards

Credit cards and other lending tools such as payday loans can seem like the right solutions for debt relief, but at a certain point those tools that were helping you tread water are suddenly weighing you down and you can sink fast So it's critical to identify a debt problem early and find the best way to get control of credit card debt and find debt relief One way to maintain control is to check your debt to income ratio This measures the amount of debt you have compared to your income A good debt to income ratio is between 40 – 35% or less

If you're using credit cards to pay other bills, taking out payday loans, to meet obligations, or borrowing money from family, and friends; these are sure signs of trouble Putting off expenses like doctor's visits or home and car repairs is a bad sign too Once you see your finances are in jeopardy you need to take action procrastinating or acting like nothing is wrong is a recipe for disaster The longer you wait the number of options you have are less

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