How to pay Kotak credit card bill using mobile app

hi everyone ,today in this video we will see how you can pay your Kotak credit card payment so let's get started So open your Kotak 811 mobile app and in the main menu if you have frequently used a creditcard payment then it'll appear on the frequently used section as it appears for me or else in the below menu which i have highlighted the third option is credit card

Please click on that after clicking on that the second option is credit card payment please select that So in that you will be getting your savings account and your credit card details and the payment due date and how many days left option also there is showing and so you can see three options minimum amount total amount another minimum amount is the minimum due if you want to know what is the minimum amount due you check out the video on right and this is the total amount which I have to pay and this is the other amount so if you have already paid a minimum amount then you can just pay the balance amount by selecting other for example if you have already

paid 100 and your total amount is 500 then you can just select 400 here but I haven't paid the minimum amount so i'll click on total amount and and description as so it is asking me to confirm source account credit card details just confirm the transaction and

you are not paying anything extra because you know you need not pay anything extra just click on confirm payment you can see your request has been successful

has been submitted successfully thank you for your payment i have received an SMS from them so this way

you can pay your Credit Card bill of Kotak credit card through Kotak 811 mobile app it is very simple thanks for watching if you have any tech or money related queries let me know through the

comment section I'll try to make a video and help you through it bye have a nice day!