How to pay HDFC credit card bill so that it can can get updated instantly.(Hindi)

Hello Friends, Welcome to my channel Today I am going to tell you How to pay HDFC credit card With this method of payment your payment will get updated instantly in your credit card if you have a HDFC credit card then you must be knowing that That you can pay the HDFC bill using two method one is if you have got a HDFC saving account then you can add your HDFC credit card to your saving account net banking and can pay the bill in that case also it gets updated instantly into your credit card now another way is for the user who do not have a saving account in HDFC In this case we go to our credit card interface and we choose the credit card payment option that redirects us to billdesk;s website and then we pay from there Now doing the payment with this way takes at least three to four days to get updated so today I will tell you a way for which you don't need a HDFC saving account and then also you can pay your bill using any saving account net banking Using IMPS now you should know that the payment done by IMPS get immediately transfered to your credit card and get updated to credit card lets see how you can do the payment this way I am going to show you a demo here that how can you do it you should be having any bank netbanking facility to make payment this way In my case I have IOB account net banking I am going to show you how to do it using IOB just see it and you will get an idea that how can you pay if you have other account net banking account than IOB First you have to go to Remittances menu Then go to Add Payee After that click on the other bank account Put your name on the field Name of Beneficiery The one that is printed on your card In Beneficiary account type filed You will get a lot of account type option You must choose Credit card option here as you can see I have selected the Credit Card option Now in the Account Number field you will put your credit card number then repeat the entered card number and for the IFSC code It is shown here HDFC0000128 ok Now this credit card payee get updated instantly But for doing the initial payment it takes around 3-4 hours then only you can pay Now after 3-4 hour your payment for credit card gets instantly updated you can refer my website for more info on this that is www

techrajputcom here i have explained everything in quite detailed way Thank you very much