How to open Savings Account in PayTM & get a Debit Card in 2 minutes | How to get a PatTM Debit Card

Here What's up guys this is Kaif here from NOIS & today in this video I will show you how you can create a PayTm Bank Account The very first thing is that your mobile number & email id should be verified & go bank & go to the bank option & now you have to open a Bank accountNow Select a Nominee & Proceed Now you have to select a Nominee, it could be your father Mother anyone that you want Yes it could be anyone Now update you Pan Card Details After you're done your request will be submitted Now again go back to your bank option & in here you will see your account has been created so here you can see a Debit & Credit card option you have to go in there & then request for a card here we go in request for a card & then you have to pay 125rs to request for a card A card from payTm will be delivered to you on your addres You can directly check for your CVV & card details from the PayTm app All account Details & savings bank account details are present over here Here is the card I received from PayTM On the front is the card details & on the bank is CVV & Barcode so guys this was a quick video on how to create a PayTm bank account Thanks for watching guys because that really helps Thumbs up if you likes it, subscribe if you loved it My name's Kaif, you were watching NOIS Tech & we're signing out!