How to Load Gcash using MasterCard or Visa Card

How to Load Gcash using your card or your MasterCard or Visa card so first open the Gcash App In opening the Gcash app you need to type in your MPIN that's the Gcash pin and by the way there is a video coming up on how to recover your MPIN

Once you're in, just type on cash in and choose MasterCard or Visa card If you still don't have a card in there, choose add now And then tap on Add a card So on the next page you will be putting in your card details, that is the card number the card expiration dates and the card CVV So while I'm typing in these details please consider subscribing to the channel and smashing the bell icon you don't miss anything By the way if your card has been validated and accepted by Gcash, the next page is the page which you will be putting in the amount that you wish to cash in and that will be automatically added to your Gcash account and it will be automatically deducted from your debit or credit card account but if your card is not accepted by Gcash there will be a pops up that it is not validated so that's all, and again my name is Dennis, thank you for watching and please subscribe have a great day bye bye