How to Get a Credit Card?

Hey Hubsters! Today we'll go over how to get a credit card in four easy steps The first step is to check your credit score, which you can easily do at WalletHub

com A lot of credit cards have certain credit score limits that you need to hit to get approved for, so you don't really want to blindly apply before you know your actual score And if you're new to credit and don't have a credit score yet, that's totally fine There are actually credit cards designed specifically for that Then you're going to want to decide if rewards or interest rates are more important to you

It all depends if you plan on paying your credit card bill in full at the end of every month If you do, then go for rewards because the interest rates won't really come into play Next, you want to compare cards for the best deal WalletHub makes it super easy to compare credit cards side-by-side Then once you find the card that's right for your needs, click "Apply Now" and head to the secure online application

You'll need to list things like your name, address, social security number, all of these things so that the credit card company knows it is actually you applying for this card and so that they can go ahead and then pull your credit report You'll also need to include your income so that the creditor knows that you can take on this new line of credit You will also want to check that you have the absolute best deal here and once you do apply online, that's really the best way to go Because it's online, you usually can find out if you're approved or denied automatically, instantaneously And if not, then it will take six to ten business days to really figure out if you're in or not

So with that being said, good luck and start comparing