How to Change Country in App Store without Credit Card? (2019)

Unlike Android OS, where you can easily change Google Play Store country with a simple tweak, Apple’s App Store doesn’t have an easier way to change country in App Store And the bad thing is: you can only download apps from App Store of your country

So how will you download iPhone apps that are not available in your country The one word answer is: change country in App Store But how? In this video, we’ll find it out Welcome to TechReviewPro! Hey everyone, I’m Rahul from TechReviewPro and welcome back to another episode where you’ll learn how to change country in App Store without credit card And if you are new here, this channel is all about tech hacks, tips-tricks, and reviews – so make sure you subscribe to TechReviewPro channel and tap on the bell icon to get instant notifications

Now without wasting any more time, let’s jump into the tutorial to learn how to change country in App Store without credit card First thing first, Apple already allows you to change your country in iTunes which you can do by going to settings, then tapping on your Profile picture or name Here, you’ll get options to edit various details like name, phone number, email, then password and security, payment details etc along with other settings related to Apple ID like iCloud, iTunes & App Store, Share My Location, Family Sharing etc But since we want to update country in App Store, we need to tap on iTunes & App Store

Now on the next page, we’ll tap on Apple ID and it’ll show these options – view Apple ID, Sign Out, iForgot and Cancel We’ll tap on View Apple ID and within a few seconds, it’ll load Account details Now from this page, you may tap on Country/Region to change your country or region in the App Store But, since I have Apple Music subscription active right now, so I’ll wait until I cancel my subscription before I can change country in App Store Also, if you have any credit balance in your account, you’ll need to spend your credit balance before you can change country in App Store

This is the easiest way to change country in App Store, but you’ll require a credit card to update billing details of new country And, the problem with this is: if you change your country in iTunes using this method, you’ll lose all the purchases made from the App Store of previous country because Apple has different App Store for each country So I won’t recommend you the default way to change your country in iTunes A better way to change country in App Store and download items that are not available in your country is: Creating a new Apple Id for country which you want to set as new default country for App Store and iTunes To do so, open App Store and from the homepage, tap on your profile icon located in the top right corner, this will open your account details with options to view purchases, redeem gift code, add funds to Apple ID etc

But you need to tap on your profile picture of the existing Apple ID, which will open account settings From this page, tap on Apple ID and this will open official page to edit and manage your Apple ID But we need to scroll all the way down to the bottom, where it has got “Create your Apple ID” link Simply tap on it, and now create a new Apple ID for the new country from where you want to download the app For example, Spotify is a popular music app which is not yet available in India, hopefully, it’ll launch in India later this month but I’ll download it right now in India before the official launch

Since it’s available in the US, so I’ll create an account with region set as the United States I’ll fill out all the necessary details, and create a new Apple ID It may take some time, so I’ll fast forward this and will catch you later Alright, now I have created a new Apple ID with the country set as the United States So my Apple ID is now eligible for purchases in the US

But before that, I’ll need to go to App Store and tap on my profile picture located in the top right corner Now, I’ll sign out of my existing account which is only authorized to download apps from the Indian App Store Now I’ll log in to the App Store with the newly created Apple ID Alright, now I can download any apps from the US-based App Store Search for Spotify, and wow! Now Spotify Music is available for download

So that’s how you can change country in App Store without credit card and download any items not available in your country And if you ever need to add credit balance to your newly created Apple ID, or if it asks you to update billing method, you can do that as well without credit card Simply purchase a gift card from Amazon and choose for email delivery You’ll get a gift code that you may easily redeem to purchase items as well I’ll leave a link in the description below so that you may check it out

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